February 10, 2010

Nowadays most people talk about the global warming thing which does affect the entire globe. In fact it is our daily routine to observe on how the weather changes so quick and we observed dramatic shift in that aspect.

Human beings character is like the weather. They change as the mood goes and shift from the minimum to the maximum in dramatic manners. Is this about money? Is this about things we do not know? Is this because we lack confidence in life? Why do we change from one mood to another in dramatic ways?

Character is a reality that comes to existence as a matter of the interaction between four elements of human reality such as material, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual ingredients whose combination could result in different characters.

A very calm and serene person in the office could have a different image in the house in which, office work demands certain personalities and home factors do need other types of personalities.

Certain places require certain characters which could be useful, where as in one given place they could facilitate our needs; but in another conditions they could put our life to fire. Why do such contrary needs exist in our lives?There are also certain characters that maintain the balance of our life to function at normal temperature in everywhere.

Basically when one interacts with others, attitude and character plays vital role in creating conducive atmosphere in the workplaces and thus it is necessary to adjust one self with others, creating space to accommodate others.

While such drama of life is going on, it is useful to have a mindset ready for CHANGE, a mind capable of accepting new things in life and being compatible with new environments and social dynamic, whose transition could be frustrating and devastating, but could be inevitable.

Let us assume here that I had a vision to create a certain community, and in that community I want to create I put to margins, meaning two approaches on how I can form a community that I want to come about.

The first one is the Minimum—Minimalism—in which the vision could work out by putting certain practices that goes in conformity with what I already visualized, which is formed, ism, the tribalism or ethnic-ism  I could form that.

The second one is the maximum—Maximalism—in which I could form, if possible to form the universal-ism, based on the first -ism, which is the target in such case I have to practice the first to the maximum and based on that I could reach to the GOAL. How can I do that. Here I need the help.

In this particular vision, where there are different individuals that do live there, there is one thing I observed there, dramatic shift in behavior and attitude of individuals, they had no clue on why they behave like that, some of them cry, some of them laugh and the like.

The point here about character is a reality that is affected and judged by others, and this depends on how others perceive you; they perceive you with their own biases and prejudices since they have colored eyeglasses.

If you have clean eye glass, you see both bad and good since you can see things clearly; but if you have deformed eye glass, you see same way if you have eye strains and wear eye glass, you see both strains and sheets together and claim that you have seen very majestic stuff, but nothing is majestic in reality there.

In a world there is not perfection claimed, one said, a perfect eye sees perfection, and how can perfect eye exists in imperfect world, this sounds funny, and there is no perfection in here even if there is, this depends on the eye of the beholder, which is relative and subjective; here you are telling me your own emotions and biases.

What one sees affects in one given character if one claims one has perfect machinery and one thinks that one is doing and becoming perfect and one could lead to belittling others contribution and others personality, which is the main characteristic of every group in this world.

Character has three facets;one is at individual level; the other is at institution level; the other is at society level; when I see the entire human race, it is at Youthful age and when I see certain communities, they could be at childish level.


Conclusion—Knowledge Vs Ignorance

February 5, 2010

Reaching to conclusions based on certain knowledge and ignorance on certain aspects of life are two different aspects of our life as a human being. When one reaches to certain conclusion based on knowledge, one has some kind of experience with the matter to which one comes to final judgment.

When one reaches to certain conclusion based on bias, prejudice and ignorance could be right and wrong and also could be similar to reaching to conclusion while having certain experiences and knowledge about any given matter.

The difference between such conclusions is on the time and energy one applies in which when one reaches to conclusion with ignorance; one might not spend time and energy where as when on reaches to conclusion on knowledge based aspect, here one applied time and energy before reaching to any conclusion.

When one reaches to conclusion on knowledge based aspects, and the conclusion is correct, it will be useful and necessary to have it since the next generation could get certain information and learn from such experiences so that mistakes could not be committed and could save their time and energy.

Here one has capacity and skill on how transfer on conclusion since one has some sort of practice and experience on matters one has derived conclusion where as when one reaches to conclusion on ignorance based there is nothing that one could explain since one has no experience of the matter.

Hence there is no such thing called theory without practice, in which every theory has some sort of manifestation to the outside world and what could be different here is that the size and recognition every theory obtains from the mass; and the method one applies in reflecting and practicing too.

There are theories that come to practice like as soon as they are known and there are theories that could take more time and space due to their potency and the methods they were promulgated in which they could need more time.

Few theories are organized and have forms and could have certain followers so that they could be advocated to the mass and their coverage may be like in wider areas and great numbers; where as others could be practiced to small size and small number of populations and the like.

For every theory is come to existence from observation and inspiration which do have some sort of manifestation in our lives in which when it has some sort of positive impact on our lives it continues to become our life principles.

For example, the science of engineering has some sort of practical manifestation to this objective world, to making of houses and buildings,but the theory of telling people do not give money to beggars have no visible manifestation as that of engineering, but has great influence and impact on our daily interactions and both could be useful but their degree of reflection and manifestation to this world is different.

The point here is that when one reaches to certain conclusions like when you are asked “not to give money to the beggar”you are prohibiting to beg and in such cases, one’s real and practical world should be carefully taken into consideration. In another condition, you are asked to be generous, I don’t see the existence of generosity without giving and you give for those who are needy, beggars and the like. One could say generosity could be multi-aspects such as time, knowledge or whatever excuses one could have is also related to money.

When one lives in areas or countries where many poor people around, this kind of practice could be considered as kind of being greed because they are not the ones who created begging but centuries and ages vicious circle of problem that put the in to this shape,this does not mean that they are encouraged to beg. NOT. However this is a process that could take even centuries after this to stop.

Although the theory sounds very nice, but its practical manifestation to this world depends on what type of society one is living in if you live in the West, this could work since there is plenty of opportunity to work.

When theories are formulated based on hopes and wishes, they create profound visions on our lives which could have positive influence on our thinking, but theories are one thing, they should be compatible with the objective reality in a way they should not create stress and distress on our present world.

They have to understand the gap and vacuum so that their future could be vibrant and positive otherwise they could end up being maidservant of few homes or single house, they could not escape from their surrounding in which they were originally brought up; in such case they may need some sort of.

Theories could be of two types—useful and harmful—in which there are certain theories that could tell you to make right to left; and you would end up in the middle of nowhere at last islands, there are theories that could help you in your daily interaction so that you could integrate with your daily routines.

While such drama of life is going on, one has to use one’s heart and mind to think and rationalize; one could need an eye that can able see what is beyond an ocean and a heart that can feel what is behind every mountain.


February 3, 2010

Writing is a powerful tool and force used by individuals to share views or opinions, to pass information, and communicate with others so as to deliver life perspectives and relevant data in which others could also know THE TRUTH.

There are many reasons why people write; they have their own motive in which there are people who write to pass useful information so that others could be helped not to be deceived or lied any more, in which writing helps here as good friend so that people could be protected from the dangers they are encircled.

One could say there are many reasons why people write. Writing has its own fashion and style in which few capture the attention of the mass due to exceptional writing styles they have and the potency of the ideas they entertain I their writings, which is mainly dependent upon the eye of the perceivers.

Basically why do we write and how and the like are few of the quests that goes on mind, but the moment one is on to the matter, one could not stop and it sounds to me that there is a huge force activating the world of writing.

Writing ranges from subjects like, I forget my bag yesterday and I saw someone in the coffee shop up to thoughts that change the fate of our planet; it has a wide scale and range depending on circumstances and peoples capacity and interests who share experiences using pens and pencils.

I consider writing as the most pompous tool and gift of GOD to humanity in which GOD talks to people in mysterious ways, and those who are inspired tell us using their pen in articulative and interesting ways so that we could learn from them. They are like in some cases our ANGELS.

When I study on how various people write; they have the following elements in their writings. These are…PURPOSE; FORM; STYLE; CONVENTIONS; MODELS; CONTENT; EFFECT; INDIVIDUALITY; and the like depending the capacity and capability of the writer and topics they write on.

Few use pseudonym—fictitious name esp. used by an author—for they do not want to be known by the mass due to many reasons. One is due to the nature of the job in which one could work on sensitive matters.

The other reason is due to showing a kind of detachment from the work one is doing on. The other is due to seeking one’s own privacy. The other is due to following those who were doing before as a style or fashion. There could be other reasons too in which individuals prefer to use fake names.

Every person has certain ideas; but the difference that exists between individuals is on how they articulate and present their ideas in convincing and interesting ways so that people could judge their works. In this case capacity and capabilities play a role here on expressing oneself to others.

Basically if I write on certain topics, I need an audience who could understand me on how I write; in this case I do not tell you since I think that I am working on sensitive matters and subjects. I do not use fake names; I use my correct name, but I do not write like others since I have a purpose and mission.

One reason could be from the fear of the consequences on others; the other reason could be from the desire of expressing and passing information which I think I know, but sound scary and hard to believe; the other reason could be I am not sure who informed me, but sounded information I receive from unknown source—I never communicated and conversed with anyone.

In such cases I could not stop sharing my views, I do not accept the advice of stop stuff…until I reached to the point of TRUTH. The one that is expressed outside is fake, artificial, lie and deception…

The motive of writing here is to protect innocents for the future, not to those who are willing to continue with deception as they choose to be, but those who are innocents and yet to come should be protected in which I am getting positive reply with that aspects from many;I am doing my job; call me whatever.

When writing is used for productive purpose—passing information that are useful and truthful—it will have tremendous influence and power over the world. This is not about magic—this is about passing oppressed truth; in which they are deceived thru flattering and fake motivation and encouragements.

Writing is a force that can be abused, in such cases it could be subjected as means for propaganda here it uses its latent force and power and becomes instrumental for oppression. I hate to be used for such purposes.


February 3, 2010

In one of the books of the Sufism I read, it is stated that the soul has seven stages in which other claim seven cities.or whatever;the human soul travels in the course of life on the earth.

Although it is formidable to talk about an entity beyond one’s comprehension, such statements could give us a perspective and a dimension on our existence as beyond physical beings and as far as they do not put harm on us.

While such claims are there, there are also different level of individuals in which they are categorized under different levels based on their actions and reaction, the type of activity they do, their emotions, intellectual grasps and the like.

These are like, adherents, denizens, followers, lovers and the like, whose category is done based on top people who watch peoples actions and reactions in which most claim that the category is from High,which we do not know since God is unknowable, for the Quran says,”do not say to anyone you are a believer” and I understand it is not your duty or position to label anyone.

When someone reached to a station of “the lover”accordingly, one does not ask, just go with the wind, sacrifice or die like stuff. However as I understand,this is a point or a place where ignorance is a criterion, in which quest is a relative aspect of human reality,none can finish asking since life and maturity are relative. Change is the fate of our world.

In my case,asking question is my hobby; and finding answers is my duty. There are few things answered in the books written only in the past, but there are other factors who could answer quests like daily routines,the dynamics of our world which changes so fast and other factors and the like could answer our quest and the capacity to understand answers is also another.

The funny thing here is that they tell you it has a mystery;I do not see any mystery in this world where women are capable enough and equal to men in participating and administrating the affairs of the world.

I love the concept of flying towards law of gravity for one major reason for it goes against the pressure and force; shows us that when one passes the limits,there are certain truths and realities that categorization and classification could not tell. However one has to know the way or method to blow against, and survive and live.

The point of classifying and categorizing individual life is the reflection and character of a given system, be it political or religious,they classify individual capacities based on manifested actions and reaction—good and bad sides too.

Hence such aspects are both relative and subjective. It is subjective since it falls under the mercy and bounty and favors of individuals’ judgment. It is relative since religious and other truth are relative; they change due the course of time.

When on reads books for a purpose like to obtain degrees, present a speech, the type and strength of information one gets here is a motive based, and rejects those opinions that re not compatible with the purpose one has already targeted. In such case one is becoming narrow-minded and biased here.

Where as when one reads books without any other motive but based on seeking information, here one relates every idea one obtain with anything that conforms to reality—be it positive or negative—here one is open minded and not biased.

Hence, those who read and know thing with motives and in conformity with the mission already set are classified and categorized if they go in conformity with rules, laws and the like as lovers, followers and the like; and those who know certain things but deviate due to their knowledge are like bad ones.

The trend past demonstrated in promoting philosophical ideas were based on such methods in which there is nothing new that comes here except one could have a complex building so as to convince others as if one has organized structure and set of laws and policies, doping things on consistent basis.

Consistency has a tricky element meaning if I do certain things on consistent basis, this does not mean that I am truthful ad correct. For example in certain place I worked, when they write letters or reply queries to outside, they make research before who you are and make a reply. In such case they are answering questions based on your interest and need according to what they think, in which they employed a commercial and business approach to attract you.

In such cases, if one claims one is truthful such mechanisms are originally employed for care however if any mistake is originally done and to continue with lie to so that rigidity is one of the characteristic of such mechanisms. One could do the utmost efforts to keep the rigidity up to killing, who knows.

Labeling and categorization of individuals is one of the sins that are committed in certain place in which such trend needs revision and should be stopped at all. Who are you to label others while your sheet is in thousand folds?


February 1, 2010

We live in a world where paradoxical events are going on in every second of our life. This could happen due to many reasons; but one of the major reasons could be most of our interactions and communications we deal are affected by external factors and elements and things might not go in a way one expect to go.

Hence it is not only a choice but also a duty to accept certain matters even though they go beyond expectations. Why do things go contrary to our wishes and plans? Why do things come to our life without our choice and plan?

Life is not like picking things up like “box of Chocolates from department stores”, it is a matter of choices, efforts, and the like. In such cases many people could pop up into our lives and disappear like clouds in the sky.

Basically there are different types of people who visit out life and we categorize them according to their contribution in our lives. Those who are dear to us, we call them friends and those who are like dull to us and then we call them enemies.

Assuming that one lived in a desert for quite few times and got thirst of water, in such case if one finds any water one could drink any kind of water one could get there,bad or good, you jut drink since there is no option.

When one drinks bad water, it could satisfy the thirst one have, but later could cause other kind of parasitic diseases, in such cases when one is in the process of drinking, one could be satisfied without giving attention to further consequences, illness, complications and …problematic conditions.

There could be individuals who come to our life since the option one was delivered at one point of time was like that then there could be no other alternatives than them in such case they could be considered like the above condition.

If their impact was like for few times, then they are like chewing gums, they cannot last longer and influence us no more and in such cases we respect their company at one point but this is not something that one could treasure for the future and to the rest of one’s life.

There are people who influence us and we seek their company now and then due to the precious values they share to us, such people are like the food we eat,  we need them now and then they are our dear friends and we give a call to them, we go to café together,we go to clubs and the like. and these are FRIENDS. One is not lucky to have such people. since there is none compatible with what one think and need in life to date.

There could be other type of individuals whom we need their company whenever we like them to have, they are like going to a restaurant and picking up a kind of food we like to eat occasionally. They give us comfort, but occasionally.

All kind of people have some sort of values to us, both good and bad, are lessons and we learn from them and we learn from mistakes and every day is learning day. Here, life goes on like that.

I have no special criterion for friendship—everyone is equal to me—I interact based on my instinct and other peoples action and reaction and thus I end up in saying that I have no enemy, but there are people who think good on me, as there are people who think bad on me too.

Friendship is a journey, its spice is sacrifice. When one sacrifices for the other, it should be free from any kind of future recompense; the moment I try to take advantage on you since you are close to me, here I am becoming like a businessman and commercial than being more intimate to you.


February 1, 2010

Ten years ago while I was working for an American project here, in one of the days, I had an abdominal problem. Being in the office, I got sick. And I have told to one of my work mate there that I had bacteria in my stomach—jardia, a worm. And I could not work at all.

And the mate advised me the following. He said you have to eat raw meat. I asked him why? He said, when you eat raw meat, raw meat can cause tapeworm and then the tapeworm eats the jardia and for the tapeworm, you will buy diclorophil—tablet, and then you get cured.

I asked the friend, are you sure? He said I am more sure than the doctors here, he replied. Although I am not into raw meat; I mostly prefer the cooked one, Since I want to get out pf the bacteria; I agreed and we went lunch together with other workmates to the place we could find raw meat.

We had nice lunch there and I was satisfied with the food and everything there. And then we get back to office. Nothing happened. I thought the fight took place in my stomach without my knowledge and I got cured.

After few processing times later in next day, a kind of thunderstorm happened in my stomach. I was fainted out on my chair. I cried loud. Then workmates came into my office. I asked them to send one of the drivers. One of them came, and I asked him to take me to the clinic around; I told them I am terribly sick.

The driver took me to the health center around. I asked them there I want to see a doctor. Then I got the permission to see a doctor. Here I was kind of pause; I got like better…I can speak to the doctor.

I said to the doctor, I used to have a longtime, jardia stuff, in my stomach, I told this problem to my work mate and he said, eat raw meat and the type of things I will be thru and tapeworm could eat the jardia and then you will take tablets for tapeworm then you get cured.

And I further explained to him, I thought I was cured when I got relief after the lunch, but later, I felt devastating shock in my stomach, I think the tapeworm conspired with the jardia and invited another music band, start dancing in my stomach and now my stomach sounds like a night club for both worms.

The doctor could not control himself and he was laughing loud and he said to me, wait me here, he went out of his office and I saw him laughing alone and then he got back to his office and then he said, do not worry, you will be cured and then he prescribed medicines, and then I got cured later.

The moral of this story is that when one tries to be like in a position one does not deserve, one could end up in the middle of nowhere; this is like when you are doctor, you would not prescribe tapeworm for jardia and the like…

When one is destined to explain, one explains, not interprets, being an interpreter may need a matter of destiny or fate otherwise you could end up like that workmate who prescribed tapeworm stuff.

Worms have very disturbing attitude since we invite them to our bodies by taking bad water,there could be individuals who are like that since they pass their limit, but invite them they happen to disturb us like that but it is our fault, why do we invite them initially?