January 29, 2010

I was in jail when I was like 18; I was a second year college student here. I was put to jail for about 4 months in the former military government, for coordinating student demonstration. In fact I was one of the key activators of that time.

I was not surprised to be in jail, since I was one of the students who played key role; jail has its own beauty when one gets used to it. In that jail, I had like bronchitis, anemia, and typhoid together; I experienced severe illness to death. Miraculously I survived and lived for another more than 20 years now.

After that I was seeking answers to the quests I have from every direction, but not from politics no more. Then I found a religion which answered some of the quests I had at that time at age 22. Then I lived in that domain for certain times, but later end up with electric shock and other strange stuffs.

In the religion I practiced, at some point of my time, there appeared in my mind questions, which I did ask, they replied to me in a letter since I did ask by letters; but at last I got another reply thru electric shock—do not ask was the answer. However I ask again and again—I will go by my own accent.

Now, I pause and meditate on the life routes I had been, and reflect on both aspects of my life. Politics put me to jail, and made me desperate at a given pint; and religion pacified and made straight the bent curved of my life at that point.

After the electric shock like things, which surrounded my body at that give time in 2006, religion bent the line, made me think bit further and doubt it and in fact made me confused at that point; in fact created some sort of evil thinking against anyone, but I am not like them, I have devised my own mechanism and approach towards life on the earth in my own accent and way, I make a pause here and reflect on both aspects of my life—religion and politics. I stay away from both aspects of life.

Life and death are a point. We see them starting, but never ending. Both have a beginning and we do not know where they end up. The most interesting aspects of our life as a human being is found in challenges and difficulties.

Religion and politics have more similarities. Both are social systems that try to protect and govern societies in policies, rules, laws, regulations and the like. They have top people who should be protected—founders and leaders. Both have their own jargon, and those who use their jargon in their domains are considered as good ones and will be provided top position or ranks.

Both have played significant role in the process of advancing their respective societies and institutions to higher and greater levels. Both use their own mechanisms in which there are things they tell, and do not tell to the masses.

Both consider those who ask and put their integrity to question are considered as enemies and bad people in which they could be subjected to harassment, stigmatization, killing, sabotages and conspiracies and the like. One of the main reason and sources of conflict in religion is due to interpretations,

Killing in both worlds is bad. In religion is considered as sin; in political world, it is considered as crime and put you to jail for years. In religion, they do not put you to jail, but could pray for sins; in this case politics play better and great role.

Most laws of religions are somehow encompassed by every government rules in which every government uses them as means of bringing order. Those who follow religions claim that those laws are originated by founders of religion.

Whoever brought the rules or laws, society has every right to use any idea or opinion as far those given ideas are relevant and means of bringing order to the society. There is no copyright or plagiarism in the words of the Prophets in which they generously offered Inspirations to us. God is the source of generosity and goodness; there is no selfishness on the side of God.

Religion and politics are two huge forces that contribute for goodness and badness of our world. Both have positive and negative impacts in the life of human society. Both played big role in shaping societies. Both are actors of the dramas that are going on for centuries and ages in the history of human kind. Both are interconnected and interrelated in many aspects in front and in behind.


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