January 28, 2010

I read a verse in the Bible which states like…it is only dog that returns what one has vomited. It is so interesting to see how people think that in their own good time and dating, they expect individuals to be back in their circles or way of life.

When one decided to follow certain path as way of life in one’s youth period, the mentality and information one has about the world was limited. In such case, one decided in youthful mind—ambitious, self-centered, deceived and the like.

Once one realizes many things and have different experience in many fields, why does one need to follow or imitate others will be a quest and inquiry, whose answer could be found in silence. Here Silence is the answer.

When I was youth, I used to like politics. After politics put me to jail, I changed my path to religion. The religion I used to practice helped me in changing my perspective, but now I feel that I am matured enough. I do not seek advice and perspectives from others. I do not care about next worlds which I do not know.

What I care here is doing the right thing and being the right person without the help of religion. I came to conclusion that religion is a place where those who lost hopes reside, those who are wicked could be helped, and the like.

The purpose of life on the earth is two folds, which I understand and concluded. One is to know the TRUTH. The other is to promulgate the TRUTH. Truth means from simple to complex; both subjective and objective, relative and absolute and the like.

Truth has no home and boundary; it has no margin and place. Truth is a reality that every human being is thirst for. Truth can be reached by discussion, reading, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, using other senses of perceptions, and governing the law of the universe too.

The point of our existence as human being is dependent upon on how far we are truthful to ourselves and then to others. We are what we think, act, wish, desire, aspire and the like. On all conditions, are we truthful ones?

We make a try to change ourselves from today, and tomorrow so that the next ones will be better. Afterwards we do not need anyone to tell us to go this way or that way since we could be better beings than those who tell us.

We live in a world where we have limited information about our cosmos and little knowledge about who we are? And it is formidable to conclude that one could obtain satisfying information and answers to the many quests all have. In such case people would be forced to lie from the desire of answering questions.

In my case, I do not care and want anyone to answer my questions; if I have questions on any thing, thanks to GOOGLE, I use search engine and look for possible information. I do not need to go anywhere.

The trend of life in this world has changed a lot; and I believe that I reached to a level to answer on questions I have about life by myself. In such case, I do not think any organized form of religion or political group would answer us our questions, but they could be useful and helpful in offering a perspective, but not an end.

There could be certain individuals who could believe that when they consult views or personal problems to an assemblage, they could obtain solutions. This is also a choice. I do not believe such individuals could offer a reliable solution. We live in a world that no one solves one’s own problem but there is no way one seek to run for advice from others.

How can an empty or half full glass advise another empty or half full glass on how to be full? We already before hand the type of advice and information that is going to come from others since we all live in limited world and have limited experience.



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