January 20, 2010

History has put us in different categories and classes of society for many reasons. One of the major reasons for our classification and existence of categories is human being’s understanding and interpretation of realities.

Hence it is customary to locate and find oneself in a particular group of society due to belief, thinking, and the like. Categorization is mostly connected to identity in which if one has wealth, one finds oneself in the rich category.

Based on likeness, and inter-relatedness, thinking or belief, one is specified in a group and practices and does what one aspires to perform. When getting organized one obtain more strength so as to perform better tasks effectively.

What could be interesting here is that when more people are getting organized under the cover of personalities, figures, here one could need more contemplation and meditation on why one follows the other.

Why do we follow others be it religious or political or professional matters? Is it to satisfy our sense of belief or faith? Is this for we have no confidence on our thinking and belief, we seek approval from others?

Is this we hate the former or existing thinking or belief, we need new ones? Is this to get more energy and connection with others so as to create change in the world? Is this because we think we are ignorant and others are knowledgeable?

The point here is that why do many people seek to follow. They prefer to follow the dictate of the mass than create the first and original ones. Though leadership requires gifts, courage, detachment, passion and the like, but many still prefer to follow.

Why do we need to follow others is a quest people are having at these days? Many people start investigating things in a very dynamic ways than ever; and thus they question many variables of the community life whether they are correct or not.

There could be major reasons why many people follow; one is due to one’s weakness and vacuum people have in their given life ; the other is reflection of devotion one has for the thing one follows; one is due to fear and cowardice to lead; the other is a reflection of hatred to a given system; and other reasons is from the desire to belong to a certain group.

Other reason is due to finding new beliefs and thinking that goes in conformity with what one thinks and believes deep inside—satisfying selfish and ego-centric interest and attitudes. Others reason could be due to financial needs and conditions and other personal benefits as well.

One of the most interesting fields n such scope is Religion. Religion is a cause founded upon Personalities. Many people gave their lives for Personalities since they assume that it is a mysterious phenomenon. Why? It is an arena of Mysticism and Personal relationships many people create with their creator—GOD.

While such dramatic aspects of our life is going on, one could assume that Personality is a huge force and power in which many are not taking such matters in simple and easy manner. We still follow Personalities and Figures.

We think and feel that we are sinners and weak ones; but there are individuals who assume that they are holistic and other deserving lives to be followed, many seek roll models in their lives so that they double check their uprightness with standards they assume correct and true so as to justify their thinking and actions.

In my case, I follow my consciousness and instinct in which I feel guilt when I make mistakes or put harm on others; and I feel uncomfortable with anyone who sit next to me whether I know or not; my instinct tells me well. I trust those feelings and instincts I have while interacting with many people. I do not need to follow the dictate of others.

And I believe and think that when the moment one has lost that guilt feeling when doing wrongs, one is dead at this point. Feeling of guilt is a sign of being human. However, doing wrong means and are relative and subjective matters.

The point of being follower—many people are considering as a norm, and is a trend our world is demonstrating, which is fine; but I feel uncomfortable to accept their claim the moment reality starts contradicting their thoughts, in such case REALITY comes first and foremost than those personalities.


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