January 18, 2010

One of the most profound gifts of God to humanity is the World of the Movie. Movie is a harmonious combination and coordination and integration of sounds, movements, picture or images, words, feelings and the like.

Movie exerts energetic and mysterious feelings to those who watch them with passion and understanding. It is an arena where humanity has governed one essence and secret of existence. It is an area where few govern mysteries and mysterious realities of life. It is a phenomenon.

What is interesting here is that as I personally experienced, it is a field where one could find answers to the quest one has in life as, books of the past do. To mention one, the Movie—DIE HARD 4—answered one of the quest I personally had which was related to psychic aspects.

In that movie, DIE HARD, the key word, “spiritual terrorism” was an answer to the inquiry I had, since I had an experience in my mind whose show and view was of the source I had no clue. I was viewed something in my flat in my mind, but the moment I went out from my flat, there was nothing.

One could get confused and frustrated at this point. My reaction was silence and watching those movies, and then coming to conclusion after research, which I did. I watched different movies, but I found an answer in that movie.

I find knowledge and information in everything since I have personal quest for life. I have experienced strange incident that visited my life in past years, none can tell me except I was told to behave and to be silent. But, movies could tell something since they share ideas, experiences, perspective and other imaginative works of wonderful people.

The difference between these two movies, the movie I watch in cinemas, and the one I was viewed in my mind is that the one in the cinema is connected to my interest, I went there to watch it, I pay money, the actors are well experienced and are skillful.

The one in my mind is for free, without my permission, viewers are the one who come to one’s mind, it is like raping one’s mind, intruding into one’s home illegally, actors are not skillful, and they also could end up in killing those who viewed them at the end, unlike those in cinemas do not do. There is a big difference in motive and intention between the two types.

They viewed without coherence and the prime intention is to harm you, make you confused and frustrate in life, make you lose direction and perspective for life, get you mad and kill yourself at the end of days. The one I watch in the cinema is the opposite—to entertain you, to inspire you, to make you happy, to give you hope and life  and the like.

In a movie—The Conspiracy Theory, featuring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts—the idea of the CIA project, in which few refer it to the Mind Control drama, that connected research activity of microwave fencing and human minds, thinking stuff, in which it was stopped in 1973 by CIA, which one is further interested on making such given research work on personal basis for personal consumption.

It is also important to note in here that it is not only what is true that is important in life but it is also significantly necessary and essential to consider what could also be true since there are many huge hidden dramas that are going on this world, which mainly depends upon capacity of understanding, experiences and exposure of peoples’ life and other related aspects are  major contributing factors in realizing and understanding such aspects of life.

MOVIE is a reflection of human spirit and mind in which it manifests the station and level of thinking and abstraction of human mind. It tells you not only what is practically done, but also what could be done. It tells you what is possible, but also what could be possible. It tells you how the impossible matters could be possible. It gives you the courage of thinking and abstraction.

We find histories, human imaginations, science fiction theories, investigative reports, hidden truths, romances, and other daily routines of human activities being reflected in the world of movie in profound manner. Movie reflects our reality in artistic display.

It is also a field of ambition and ambitious people in which few refer, in which the lost victory is compensated wit victory, such as as they say, America defeat Vietnam in Holy Wood, not in that practical war. It could be a place where we can fill our vacuums. It helps us to feed our ego of winning mindset. It could be considered in few cases as a play field for those individuals who have ambition for power and the like stuff.

Movie is an elixiric force whose vibration and influence on human frames is so mysterious and complex. It creates and recreates human minds. It increases one’s rational and brings new dimension on perceiving our world and life. It is field where new perspectives and dimensions could be obtained.

When I was watching the movie—SEX and THE CITY—while I was abroad in a TV Series film, it gave me an idea of the philosophy and concepts of life of varied classes and categories of people at certain place. It was not all about sex, but rather it was concepts and perspectives on life and life of many classes of people which could work and touch many other aspects and categories of people in rest part of the world. It has broader dimension and perspectives of life.

HOLY WOOD is a place where such potent and pompous force and power of human mind is entertained and experimented, whose effects as one can see touches all part of the globe. I am thankful for those genius giants and heroes who are there who contribute great deal in the ever advancing civilization humanity is carrying forward at the present world. They are honeybees indeed!!


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