January 14, 2010

Censorship is the process of examining letters, books, films, etc and remove and ban anything regarded as harmful. Writers, filmmakers, artists, and those who are involved in public related services are subjected to this aspect of life.

The idea of censorship comes to exist from the fear of dangers and catastrophes yet to happen in a given society. When one puts the integrity of any given system under question, one is put under censorship.

There are reasons for the need of censorship in which if there are people whose motive is entirely to destroy the community dynamics; here censorships could be important and essential and necessary to keep the integrity and protect from the dangers the community is going to come about.

What if the community I create is founded upon lie and deception in which I hide something from the members; and members became aware later; in this case the reason why I make censorship as a job and duty is to protect lie and deception, not to protect from dangers and wrong act?

Here censorship has a hidden agenda. It is not a healthy censorship. It is from the fear of being removed in its entirety not from the motive of removing danger and bad acts. Such censorship needs revision and should need another censure.

When any given community is based and founded up on TRUTH and TRUST; I do not think that there is a need for censures unless and otherwise I lack confidence and trust in what I do; thus I do not trust anyone, but I have to review and pre-audit before they publish to the public at large.

The other reason for censorship is to guide those who need to be known to the public at large with the right perspective I need for them. It is kind of paternalistic attitude. It is good to be a father; but one has to be truthful here.

The other reason for censorship is it is a kind of play field of expressing to others like “I know stuff”; and “you do not know stuff”. It is a play field for expressing one is better towards other. Since you know, you censure me, but I do not know what you know, you just claimed, it is more of showing an ego fashion show room.

The other reason is to keep the integrity of the system and protect it from its enemies. Here it is a protectionism mechanism. You have to know before anything related that you think on you is published.

If I publish a matter about GOD who is the authorized censure about GOD. Does God have authorized censors? I do not think so. There could be individuals who could claim we are; one think sand believe that all of us are equally accountable or are not equally to matters related to GOD.

The point here is that they are protecting what they think they know, than the reality of the matter due to its nature and character, which does not mean that what they think they know is Absolute and Correct. There is a conventional agreement about an entity we do not know; this does not mean that we are all correct. In such case we limit the unlimited agenda to our emotions, feelings, desires, ambitions, and thinking and the like.

In community dynamics where certain people live with certain agreements and choices, here the balance between them is trust; and they live together since they have developed some sort of confidence and trust between them.

In such cases, when one man comes with strange questions they like, here that man could be considered as strange and non-important since the touchstone there is “you have to follow”; you do not have to ask. This is more of dictatorial way of leading and administering society, which is not possible at this age.

Censorship is a mechanism for checking which arises when more people start questioning integrity and ask questions that given system could not deliver. And Censorship is also a mechanism to bring order to society dynamics as there people who deliberately put harm and try to create chaos in a given system.

However it needs maturity and mindful personalities to remove its presence as more responsible individuals come to those scopes; the fewer requirements it will be in a given system. The more laws and policies a given society creates, telling its adherents, especially do or do not do this stuff, the more questions it provokes.

Survival of any given society depends on truth and trust. Truth and Trust is the cornerstone of every social dynamics. The point here is human beings by their very nature are curios. When one is forbidden to practice something, then one starts practicing in intriguing manners, like, who are you to tell me, though it is not expressed outside. From the desire of being independent, many people do not like censorship since they think that it puts their integrity and freedoms and rights under questions.


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