January 29, 2010

I was in jail when I was like 18; I was a second year college student here. I was put to jail for about 4 months in the former military government, for coordinating student demonstration. In fact I was one of the key activators of that time.

I was not surprised to be in jail, since I was one of the students who played key role; jail has its own beauty when one gets used to it. In that jail, I had like bronchitis, anemia, and typhoid together; I experienced severe illness to death. Miraculously I survived and lived for another more than 20 years now.

After that I was seeking answers to the quests I have from every direction, but not from politics no more. Then I found a religion which answered some of the quests I had at that time at age 22. Then I lived in that domain for certain times, but later end up with electric shock and other strange stuffs.

In the religion I practiced, at some point of my time, there appeared in my mind questions, which I did ask, they replied to me in a letter since I did ask by letters; but at last I got another reply thru electric shock—do not ask was the answer. However I ask again and again—I will go by my own accent.

Now, I pause and meditate on the life routes I had been, and reflect on both aspects of my life. Politics put me to jail, and made me desperate at a given pint; and religion pacified and made straight the bent curved of my life at that point.

After the electric shock like things, which surrounded my body at that give time in 2006, religion bent the line, made me think bit further and doubt it and in fact made me confused at that point; in fact created some sort of evil thinking against anyone, but I am not like them, I have devised my pwn mechanism and approached towards life on the earth in my own accent and way, I make a pause here and reflect on both aspects of my life—religion and politics. I stay away from both aspects of life.

Life and death are a point. We see them starting, but never ending. Both have a beginning and we do not know where they end up. The most interesting aspects of our life as a human being is found in challenges and difficulties.

Religion and politics have more similarities. Both are social systems that try to protect and govern societies in policies, rules, laws, regulations and the like. They have top people who should be protected—founders and leaders. Both have their own jargon, and those who use their jargon in their domains are considered as good ones and will be provided top position or ranks.

Both have played significant role in the process of advancing their respective societies and institutions to higher and greater levels. Both use their own mechanisms in which there are things they tell, and do not tell to the masses.

Both consider those who ask and put their integrity to question are considered as enemies and bad people in which they could be subjected to harassment, stigmatization, killing, sabotages and conspiracies and the like. One of the main reason and sources of conflict in religion is due to interpretations,

Killing in both worlds is bad. In religion is considered as sin; in political world, it is considered as crime and put you to jail for years. In religion, they do not put you to jail, but could pray for sins; in this case politics play better and great role.

Most laws of religions are somehow encompassed by every government rules in which every government uses them as means of bringing order. Those who follow religions claim that those laws are originated by founders of religion.

Whoever brought the rules or laws, society has every right to use any idea or opinion as far those given ideas are relevant and means of bringing order to the society. There is no copyright or plagiarism in the words of the Prophets in which they generously offered Inspirations to us. God is the source of generosity and goodness; there is no selfishness on the side of God.

Religion and politics are two huge forces that contribute for goodness and badness of our world. Both have positive and negative impacts in the life of human society. Both played big role in shaping societies. Both are actors of the dramas that are going on for centuries and ages in the history of human kind. Both are interconnected and interrelated in many aspects in front and in behind.



January 28, 2010

I read a verse in the Bible which states like…it is only dog that returns what one has vomited. It is so interesting to see how people think that in their own good time and dating, they expect individuals to be back in their circles or way of life.

When one decided to follow certain path as way of life in one’s youth period, the mentality and information one has about the world was limited. In such case, one decided in youthful mind—ambitious, self-centered, deceived and the like.

Once one realizes many things and have different experience in many fields, why does one need to follow or imitate others will be a quest and inquiry, whose answer could be found in silence. Here Silence is the answer.

When I was youth, I used to like politics. After politics put me to jail, I changed my path to religion. The religion I used to practice helped me in changing my perspective, but now I feel that I am matured enough. I do not seek advice and perspectives from others. I do not care about next worlds which I do not know.

What I care here is doing the right thing and being the right person without the help of religion. I came to conclusion that religion is a place where those who lost hopes reside, those who are wicked could be helped, and the like.

The purpose of life on the earth is two folds, which I understand and concluded. One is to know the TRUTH. The other is to promulgate the TRUTH. Truth means from simple to complex; both subjective and objective, relative and absolute and the like.

Truth has no home and boundary; it has no margin and place. Truth is a reality that every human being is thirst for. Truth can be reached by discussion, reading, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, using other senses of perceptions, and governing the law of the universe too.

The point of our existence as human being is dependent upon on how far we are truthful to ourselves and then to others. We are what we think, act, wish, desire, aspire and the like. On all conditions, are we truthful ones?

We make a try to change ourselves from today, and tomorrow so that the next ones will be better. Afterwards we do not need anyone to tell us to go this way or that way since we could be better beings than those who tell us.

We live in a world where we have limited information about our cosmos and little knowledge about who we are? And it is formidable to conclude that one could obtain satisfying information and answers to the many quests all have. In such case people would be forced to lie from the desire of answering questions.

In my case, I do not care and want anyone to answer my questions; if I have questions on any thing, thanks to GOOGLE, I use search engine and look for possible information. I do not need to go anywhere.

The trend of life in this world has changed a lot; and I believe that I reached to a level to answer on questions I have about life by myself. In such case, I do not think any organized form of religion or political group would answer us our questions, but they could be useful and helpful in offering a perspective, but not an end.

There could be certain individuals who could believe that when they consult views or personal problems to an assemblage, they could obtain solutions. This is also a choice. I do not believe such individuals could offer a reliable solution. We live in a world that no one solves one’s own problem but there is no way one seek to run for advice from others.

How can an empty or half full glass advise another empty or half full glass on how to be full? We already before hand the type of advice and information that is going to come from others since we all live in limited world and have limited experience.



January 20, 2010

History has put us in different categories and classes of society for many reasons. One of the major reasons for our classification and existence of categories is human being’s understanding and interpretation of realities.

Hence it is customary to locate and find oneself in a particular group of society due to belief, thinking, and the like. Categorization is mostly connected to identity in which if one has wealth, one finds oneself in the rich category.

Based on likeness, and inter-relatedness, thinking or belief, one is specified in a group and practices and does what one aspires to perform. When getting organized one obtain more strength so as to perform better tasks effectively.

What could be interesting here is that when more people are getting organized under the cover of personalities, figures, here one could need more contemplation and meditation on why one follows the other.

Why do we follow others be it religious or political or professional matters? Is it to satisfy our sense of belief or faith? Is this for we have no confidence on our thinking and belief, we seek approval from others?

Is this we hate the former or existing thinking or belief, we need new ones? Is this to get more energy and connection with others so as to create change in the world? Is this because we think we are ignorant and others are knowledgeable?

The point here is that why do many people seek to follow. They prefer to follow the dictate of the mass than create the first and original ones. Though leadership requires gifts, courage, detachment, passion and the like, but many still prefer to follow.

Why do we need to follow others is a quest people are having at these days? Many people start investigating things in a very dynamic ways than ever; and thus they question many variables of the community life whether they are correct or not.

There could be major reasons why many people follow; one is due to one’s weakness and vacuum people have in their given life ; the other is reflection of devotion one has for the thing one follows; one is due to fear and cowardice to lead; the other is a reflection of hatred to a given system; and other reasons is from the desire to belong to a certain group.

Other reason is due to finding new beliefs and thinking that goes in conformity with what one thinks and believes deep inside—satisfying selfish and ego-centric interest and attitudes. Others reason could be due to financial needs and conditions and other personal benefits as well.

One of the most interesting fields n such scope is Religion. Religion is a cause founded upon Personalities. Many people gave their lives for Personalities since they assume that it is a mysterious phenomenon. Why? It is an arena of Mysticism and Personal relationships many people create with their creator—GOD.

While such dramatic aspects of our life is going on, one could assume that Personality is a huge force and power in which many are not taking such matters in simple and easy manner. We still follow Personalities and Figures.

We think and feel that we are sinners and weak ones; but there are individuals who assume that they are holistic and other deserving lives to be followed, many seek roll models in their lives so that they double check their uprightness with standards they assume correct and true so as to justify their thinking and actions.

In my case, I follow my consciousness and instinct in which I feel guilt when I make mistakes or put harm on others; and I feel uncomfortable with anyone who sit next to me whether I know or not; my instinct tells me well. I trust those feelings and instincts I have while interacting with many people. I do not need to follow the dictate of others.

And I believe and think that when the moment one has lost that guilt feeling when doing wrongs, one is dead at this point. Feeling of guilt is a sign of being human. However, doing wrong means and are relative and subjective matters.

The point of being follower—many people are considering as a norm, and is a trend our world is demonstrating, which is fine; but I feel uncomfortable to accept their claim the moment reality starts contradicting their thoughts, in such case REALITY comes first and foremost than those personalities.


January 18, 2010

One of the most profound gifts of God to humanity is the World of the Movie. Movie is a harmonious combination and coordination and integration of sounds, movements, picture or images, words, feelings and the like.

Movie exerts energetic and mysterious feelings to those who watch them with passion and understanding. It is an arena where humanity has governed one essence and secret of existence. It is an area where few govern mysteries and mysterious realities of life. It is a phenomenon.

What is interesting here is that as I personally experienced, it is a field where one could find answers to the quest one has in life as, books of the past do. To mention one, the Movie—DIE HARD 4—answered one of the quest I personally had which was related to psychic aspects.

In that movie, DIE HARD, the key word, “spiritual terrorism” was an answer to the inquiry I had, since I had an experience in my mind whose show and view was of the source I had no clue. I was viewed something in my flat in my mind, but the moment I went out from my flat, there was nothing.

One could get confused and frustrated at this point. My reaction was silence and watching those movies, and then coming to conclusion after research, which I did. I watched different movies, but I found an answer in that movie.

I find knowledge and information in everything since I have personal quest for life. I have experienced strange incident that visited my life in past years, none can tell me except I was told to behave and to be silent. But, movies could tell something since they share ideas, experiences, perspective and other imaginative works of wonderful people.

The difference between these two movies, the movie I watch in cinemas, and the one I was viewed in my mind is that the one in the cinema is connected to my interest, I went there to watch it, I pay money, the actors are well experienced and are skillful.

The one in my mind is for free, without my permission, viewers are the one who come to one’s mind, it is like raping one’s mind, intruding into one’s home illegally, actors are not skillful, and they also could end up in killing those who viewed them at the end, unlike those in cinemas do not do. There is a big difference in motive and intention between the two types.

They viewed without coherence and the prime intention is to harm you, make you confused and frustrate in life, make you lose direction and perspective for life, get you mad and kill yourself at the end of days. The one I watch in the cinema is the opposite—to entertain you, to inspire you, to make you happy, to give you hope and life  and the like.

In a movie—The Conspiracy Theory, featuring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts—the idea of the CIA project, in which few refer it to the Mind Control drama, that connected research activity of microwave fencing and human minds, thinking stuff, in which it was stopped in 1973 by CIA, which one is further interested on making such given research work on personal basis for personal consumption.

It is also important to note in here that it is not only what is true that is important in life but it is also significantly necessary and essential to consider what could also be true since there are many huge hidden dramas that are going on this world, which mainly depends upon capacity of understanding, experiences and exposure of peoples’ life and other related aspects are  major contributing factors in realizing and understanding such aspects of life.

MOVIE is a reflection of human spirit and mind in which it manifests the station and level of thinking and abstraction of human mind. It tells you not only what is practically done, but also what could be done. It tells you what is possible, but also what could be possible. It tells you how the impossible matters could be possible. It gives you the courage of thinking and abstraction.

We find histories, human imaginations, science fiction theories, investigative reports, hidden truths, romances, and other daily routines of human activities being reflected in the world of movie in profound manner. Movie reflects our reality in artistic display.

It is also a field of ambition and ambitious people in which few refer, in which the lost victory is compensated wit victory, such as as they say, America defeat Vietnam in Holy Wood, not in that practical war. It could be a place where we can fill our vacuums. It helps us to feed our ego of winning mindset. It could be considered in few cases as a play field for those individuals who have ambition for power and the like stuff.

Movie is an elixiric force whose vibration and influence on human frames is so mysterious and complex. It creates and recreates human minds. It increases one’s rational and brings new dimension on perceiving our world and life. It is field where new perspectives and dimensions could be obtained.

When I was watching the movie—SEX and THE CITY—while I was abroad in a TV Series film, it gave me an idea of the philosophy and concepts of life of varied classes and categories of people at certain place. It was not all about sex, but rather it was concepts and perspectives on life and life of many classes of people which could work and touch many other aspects and categories of people in rest part of the world. It has broader dimension and perspectives of life.

HOLY WOOD is a place where such potent and pompous force and power of human mind is entertained and experimented, whose effects as one can see touches all part of the globe. I am thankful for those genius giants and heroes who are there who contribute great deal in the ever advancing civilization humanity is carrying forward at the present world. They are honeybees indeed!!


January 16, 2010

Sounds are very interesting dynamics that affect and influence the identity one is to come about. One’s reality is mostly connected to the combinations of type of things you listen, watch and the like.

One’s reality is affected by what one receives from the outside and connect to the inside aspects. With our two ears, we receive sounds and process internally and finally come to conclusion, and say that this is music or noise as well.

Music is a very spicy thing in our life. I wonder what will happen to the world if the world of music is muted for a second. I think the whole world would be found dumbfounded and the like. It will be boring too.

Good Music and noisy ones are different. The one which is organized and harmonized nicely and gives comfort to our minds is the one I am talking about. It is not about those noisy ones which disturb and create discomfort are like dangerous viruses that affect even the health of our minds too.

For in stance when I listen to the YANNI music, I feel my soul is ascending to heaven. Every combination of those orchestrated sounds are like heavenly showers that create some sort of happiness in my being.

When I listen to a noisy one, I lose patient and can not sit for a minute in a way I am. It creates a boredom environment and kills my entire spirit and enthusiasm, in such case I prefer to be in silent mood and meditate so as to change my mood. I correlate such stuffs with noise pollution. It needs remedy.

While thinking of good music and noisy ones, I correlate with society dynamics in which those communities or societies who developed smooth interaction and relations are in most cases related to those beautifully orchestrated music in terms of feelings and satisfactions one is going to come about.

When I listen to the music of Lion Riche I feel very uplifted; and that feeling could be there while living in societies who have created a dynamic and strong social and community dynamics and the like.

When one listens to the noisy ones, one feels very disturbed, unstable, and the like as those emotions do exist while living in those communities and societies who have chaotic social and community variables in which the kind of feeling and thinking one develops in such places are considered as abnormal.

Music is a ladder that leads one’s soul to ascend to Higher and Greater Worlds. Music is the source of many Inspirations and Greater works in many fields and scopes, obvious. However the trend we see in our planet has many facets in which as it is used for constructive purpose; and is used for destructive too.

It is our knowledge that few societies came with a style for insult in which when one uses certain styles, it has to be used for insulting purpose—be it racism, discriminations and the like—which makes lose the power of Music which has a universal nature, constructive and means of ascending to Good Worlds above.

A good coordinated and well done music is a treasure that stays for centuries and ages. Its impact will not be on current generations, but also on those who come after this. It is a precious gift this generation provides to the next ones.

When I consider these different types of music, I feel like there are two kinds of music. The first ones are like chewing gum. They are sweet like for few seconds or minutes, after that you may end up with what chewing gum results. The more you make a stay a chewing gum chewing, which may end up with fight of tongue, teeth, and inside part of cheek—could be bloody one.

The other types of music are like food we eat. We need breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are like that. We need them. They are the source of energy, enthusiasm and zeal and the like. They create vibration and positive influence on our beings. These are the real ones.

With regard to my country music, I prefer the oldest, then the older and the like in priority. However the trend we have in these days sound scary. They took the rhythm from the West, in most cases, and put native poems and claim that this is my music stuff. I observed identity confusion and crisis in current ones. This is like importing the soul from the West and putting in local body here.

Music is a universal language where it requires passion, talent, skill, desire, training, patience, ceaseless efforts and the like. It is not an easy field. It requires public acceptance and recognition. It is a matter judged by the public.

There are four categories of people in this arena. The first ones are the world of the composer. The second ones are the world of the performers—singers and instrument players. The third one is the world of the Publisher—market oriented judgment. The Fourth one is the public or the mass that finally listen and judge.


January 14, 2010

Censorship is the process of examining letters, books, films, etc and remove and ban anything regarded as harmful. Writers, filmmakers, artists, and those who are involved in public related services are subjected to this aspect of life.

The idea of censorship comes to exist from the fear of dangers and catastrophes yet to happen in a given society. When one puts the integrity of any given system under question, one is put under censorship.

There are reasons for the need of censorship in which if there are people whose motive is entirely to destroy the community dynamics; here censorships could be important and essential and necessary to keep the integrity and protect from the dangers the community is going to come about.

What if the community I create is founded upon lie and deception in which I hide something from the members; and members became aware later; in this case the reason why I make censorship as a job and duty is to protect lie and deception, not to protect from dangers and wrong act?

Here censorship has a hidden agenda. It is not a healthy censorship. It is from the fear of being removed in its entirety not from the motive of removing danger and bad acts. Such censorship needs revision and should need another censure.

When any given community is based and founded up on TRUTH and TRUST; I do not think that there is a need for censures unless and otherwise I lack confidence and trust in what I do; thus I do not trust anyone, but I have to review and pre-audit before they publish to the public at large.

The other reason for censorship is to guide those who need to be known to the public at large with the right perspective I need for them. It is kind of paternalistic attitude. It is good to be a father; but one has to be truthful here.

The other reason for censorship is it is a kind of play field of expressing to others like “I know stuff”; and “you do not know stuff”. It is a play field for expressing one is better towards other. Since you know, you censure me, but I do not know what you know, you just claimed, it is more of showing an ego fashion show room.

The other reason is to keep the integrity of the system and protect it from its enemies. Here it is a protectionism mechanism. You have to know before anything related that you think on you is published.

If I publish a matter about GOD who is the authorized censure about GOD. Does God have authorized censors? I do not think so. There could be individuals who could claim we are; one think sand believe that all of us are equally accountable or are not equally to matters related to GOD.

The point here is that they are protecting what they think they know, than the reality of the matter due to its nature and character, which does not mean that what they think they know is Absolute and Correct. There is a conventional agreement about an entity we do not know; this does not mean that we are all correct. In such case we limit the unlimited agenda to our emotions, feelings, desires, ambitions, and thinking and the like.

In community dynamics where certain people live with certain agreements and choices, here the balance between them is trust; and they live together since they have developed some sort of confidence and trust between them.

In such cases, when one man comes with strange questions they like, here that man could be considered as strange and non-important since the touchstone there is “you have to follow”; you do not have to ask. This is more of dictatorial way of leading and administering society, which is not possible at this age.

Censorship is a mechanism for checking which arises when more people start questioning integrity and ask questions that given system could not deliver. And Censorship is also a mechanism to bring order to society dynamics as there people who deliberately put harm and try to create chaos in a given system.

However it needs maturity and mindful personalities to remove its presence as more responsible individuals come to those scopes; the fewer requirements it will be in a given system. The more laws and policies a given society creates, telling its adherents, especially do or do not do this stuff, the more questions it provokes.

Survival of any given society depends on truth and trust. Truth and Trust is the cornerstone of every social dynamics. The point here is human beings by their very nature are curios. When one is forbidden to practice something, then one starts practicing in intriguing manners, like, who are you to tell me, though it is not expressed outside. From the desire of being independent, many people do not like censorship since they think that it puts their integrity and freedoms and rights under questions.


January 14, 2010

Every system and field of study has its own jargons, which tends to be cliché as time goes by and may even raise some sort of doubt on why any given system creates its own jargons by replacing what the old ones used to say loud.

Words are not only combination of letters, but the practical influence they exert on every human frame is mysterious and profound. As there is written in the BIBLE that states…”letters kill, but it is the spirit that gives life” has a great meaning and concept to deliver.

In most cases we communicate with words, feelings, gestures—body languages—and the like. We try to govern secrets and mysteries behind those conversations, which we are not clear or confused about. In such cases all of us tend to raise questions like, what do you mean by that and the like…

It is formidable to claim that I know someone whom I know in conversation and in few contacts I made with that given person, for every human being’s heart is like a forest; you cannot say I know, but one can say I think I know…

I remember someone in the past who I met in a restaurant said to me…he said …you are the type of person like…we take glasses of beer and after we left home …you call me around midnight and tell me that I forget something in your pocket and can you please bring that to your office…telling me how annoying man I am.

And I said to him…I am the type of person …who says after having glasses of beers…I would forget you even if I met him again in the midnight at another bar too…telling him how far he is away from who I am and what he thinks I am…

The point here is that communications have different features and aspects and it is not simple to derive a kind of recipe about personalities and is very difficult to perceive and know individuals taking few variables and lead to wrong deduction.

Thus many social systems have their own jargons within so that they can identify those who are obedient and loyal to their given system; in such cases they assume that those who say their jargons loudly are assumed to be strong and faithful, but in practical terms they might be the weakest and lost ones.

Why do many people prefer to be parrots? Why do many people prefer to be acknowledged as faithful and obedient in personalities?

One of the major reasons is selfish interest. It is from the desire of being recognized by others as good ones. The other reason is from the desire of looking for benefits—heavenly in religious world; material in political realms.

It is from the desire of looking for social security in which when the mass recognizes such jargons, one inclines to be like them. The other reason is from the desire of seeking power and leadership—when one uses those jargons in that given community, the tendency to be a leader.

Leaders create their own jargons within their community for many reasons. One is a checking mechanism—to separate good ones from bad ones. The other is to avoid confusion and contradiction. The other is due to being bored of the existing ones—need for change. Jargons are also means for oppressions too.

Let us assume that I have 520,149 followers. I feel that the community I have needs entire revision. In such case what I do I create my own checking mechanisms. Like I bring new ones in place of the old ones…I used to say devoted one like teachers, but in my new stuff I say…mentors …then … I check my followers…then I get 440,000…saying what I say…the rest kept silent…

In such cases what most leaders do is they create another mechanism to remove those who are silent from the list and consider the parrots as devoted one; in reality nothing has changed; what I did was I changed the seats arrangement which were like arc, now I arranged to be a rectangle…parrots are parrots, but I did decrease the number of parrots since they know who I am now.

The point here is that jargons are used for many purpose in which those who invent them is for a purpose, but those who follow them is from the desire of being a faithful parrots. Most live here by selling their freewill to leaders; and leaders buy the weakness of such parrots and sell to those who can buy…

I remember some one whom I made a conversation telling me that…he said…listen I am like 50 years old…I have no possession… I have no job … I am like this…and he continued saying…in my given life…I had been labeled as “poor man”; “the needy one”; “the marginalized”…and the like. I am still poor, but I am rich in jargons. I have many names, but no coin in my pockets.

It is just to point out that whatever jargons we create, whatever concepts and theories we develop, whatever profound speeches we deliver, jargons are jargons whether they are new or old; they add new jobs and burdens to our daily routines; those who try to create more jargons should consider many other factors before they load other languages on us.