December 25, 2009

Khalil Gibran stated,”the poet seeks nothing…His one desire is to become a flute”. And the quality of a flute depends on the sharpness, the hole, thickness and the length which do have an effect on the type of sound it is going to bring.

Once I heard from an old man about the sound of a flute, who told me the wisdom and drama behind such mystic and melodious sound of a flute. He asked me, why do you think that a flute has such a tone when one breathes one’s whole being to get a sound, I answered, I do not know.

The old man after a few seconds of gaze, he said, it is because it is expressing its sadness and attachments and love it has for the departed.

I told the man, I do not understand what you are talking about, you are telling me the flute is expressing its sadness, love, attachment towards who? I asked, and again I said, is it expressing something towards the person who is using it, how does it know, how did they communicate? I again asked that old man.

The old man replied,NO. The flute was expressing its sadness with that melodious sounds towards its parts and components, you know that flute was a kind of full stick, was no hole and the like. The moment it appears to be a flute and some one skilled comes on it, it start producing that great sounds.

I see, I said. I got it. The point behind such marvelous mystic story is manifolds in which detachment brings tremendous fruits and results to human life, though one passes painful and tiresome processes of life.

When one sees the life of great Personages of our planet, they are like flutes. They inspire us. They nourish us. We respect them because of the Inspiration they offer us without greed but with generosity. They are great People indeed.

It sounds to me that the very nature of success lies in trouble and difficulties. There is nothing worthwhile without passing painful and difficult tasks and paths. Problems are the very nature of our world. We cannot live without them.

If we cannot live without them, we have to change our attitude towards the. I may assume that a given problem I have is my friend. I talk to that problem; I date that problem and talk to, I dine with that problem, I have a glass of beers with that problem…now I make all problems around me as my good friend.

I cannot live without those problems around, I give respect to my stuffs, I respect them, they respect me, I do not pass my limit on them, since they can ruin me, I know my boundaries then we can live with limit, but with respect.

I would be surprised and feel uncomfortable when IDEA or ANY MATTER which changes how society thinks and believes in past is accepted without being ridiculed, opposition and attacks, and the like. Meaning it is not an IDEA.

The point here is that we all are in a learning curve and path. We learn processes, results, events and the like. One could say the process is okay without seeing the result, which can be a faulty conclusion.

Result and processes are interrelated and interconnected. In fact the end justifies the means, and it is not the means that justifies the end.

What one could say about the process of the stick to the flute is that one is doing an act of destruction on the stick part, in which one could be considered as enemy of the stick here, if one sees the process, it sounds may be up surd, childish and the like; but when one finalizes one’s job and brings about that particular matter—THE FLUTE, then one appreciates what one is doing.

The END tells the process, the start, the process that was going in the MIND originally and the like. Here needs “an eye that can ably see what is behind an ocean”, “a heart that can feel what is going on behind everything”. Here needs capacity and capability. It is no an easy skill and matter.

The most fascinating aspects of our reality lie in the untold, in the undiscovered, in the unknown. We reveal ourselves as mysteries. Every human being is a mystery. Secrets are embodied in one’s essence. It is a matter of awareness and revealing that in due time in its proper time and place. Here needs a skill.

In a very fact, any one who is on the flute cannot bring that melodious sound. It needs skill and capacity and capabilities on how to use and bring that melody from that given flute. Otherwise if one does not have the required skill, one could produce noisy and nasty sounds which may make one think why do one make a flute from that stick and that stick was worthwhile than this flute.



December 22, 2009

They say, God is not the author of confusion. Confusion is a state of being created as matter of one’s lack of clarity in understanding something and failure in doing something. It is both thinking and implementing difficulty.

One can be found in state of confusion for many reasons. One is lack of clarity in vision. The other is due to the wrong choices in strategies and tools one does in implementing a certain vision.

The first one is related to the goal, which could be unrealistic and wrong. The second one is due to the wrong strategy and tool one chooses in implementing the correct goal.

Basically there could be options in life where one could choose a correct vision with correct tools and strategies; there could be unrealistic and incorrect visions, but correct strategy and tools; there could be correct visions and incorrect tools and strategies; and there could be incorrect visions along with strategies and tools.

In such drama, one chooses a menu from the above and live with what life has delivered which depends on the satisfaction and accomplishments one is to come about. This could be a very deceiving standard and measurement.

While such drama is going on, in the middle of the course of life, one may get confused due to one of the above four factors. These happen due to two reasons. One is due to external factors. The other is due to one self, internal.

For instance I may have a certain vision. A vision is seeing things to happen, not implementing things what I had seen as a must should happen. When that given vision is implemented with a help of a tool—religion—the vision may get personal touches and interferences. It loses its potency due to the fact that personal plans are carried on. Here I am fabricating a tool.

Any given tool can be useful and harmful. Though there could be different options for a given vision to happen if it is a true vision, for God has many ways of fulfilling any vision that is true in nature.

Vision happens whether I fabricate a tool or not. When I see the world peace at large…if my vision is from GOD…it will come true. I do not need implementer.  Those who live on the earth will bring it up. I do not have to worry about when and where this should happen.

The moment I oblige myself, this should happen under my authority, leadership, and participation, though it is not bad, for all need peace, this may be in conflict with the author of that given vision, in which one has to get advice from the source; otherwise one cannot bring it up by oneself. This may lead to a path to conflicts and contradictions than to peace.

Peace starts from oneself. It is state of being which occur as a result of one’s stability in life. Then it expands to society and institution level. To reach to the desired point—WORLD PEACE—it needs coordinated effort of all.

Peace is the absence of war; this does not mean that every given individual lives without personal difficulty and problem. Personal problems are always there even if one goes to heaven. War could be a justified means to bring peace too.

What could be different here is that when there is no war our attitude and perception towards our world, our life, and other people change, which have its own healthy impact on advancing our continuing civilization.

Whatever consistent actions and thinking I develop and design, whatever conceptual definitions and interpretations I deliver—Peace is a reality and phenomenon that comes as a result of the choices and maturity and harmony in thought, benefits, understanding, and agreement between leaders of nations.

It is not a beautiful church or mosque with highly complex buildings and decorations that bring WORLD PEACE—but a willful, thoughtful, matured, and unified decisions of WORLD LEADERS that can ably bring about.

Thus, one could see such REALITY ahead of time; this is a GREAT VISION. However, to preach and collect followers at the expense of such vision may raise doubts and question, but to tell others is commendable.

Such vision does not need a house and a complex building. One man said there is nothing that exists without enemy, even GOD!!


December 21, 2009

Abdul- Baha’ says that “philosophy consists in comprehending the reality of things as they exist, according to the capacity and the power of man”.

Philosophy is an arena where wisdom and knowledge are governed. It is not a scope of mere illusion and delusions where one’s fancy is displayed, but it is an arena where human rational faculty is really and practically tested and experimented in very realistic way.

Human reality is mostly connected to thinking. Every field of study has its own concepts, in which the base and foundations is a concept. Concept means thought—VIEW—that changes the way and methods one sees and perceives. Every field of study has its own philosophy. There is no thing that exist without philosophy, but the matter is related to the degree and extent to which it affects its own dynamics.

What is interesting here is that when one thinks of philosophy, it is mostly associated with Greek thinkers who brought ideas that were not practically experimented and field tested. In few countries, any given idea is considered as idea when it is practically implemented—Pragmatism.

Ideas have two purposes. One is they augment our implementation capacity. The other is when they are translated to this objective reality they help us solve and offer a perspective towards our life and the world too.

Whether they are practically translated or not , ideas by their very nature have an impact on our thinking and also implementing ability and capacity. Thus, they are very important and crucial elements in one’s daily routine so that one can get useful perspectives.

What is most important here is that do one have clarity and clear knowledge and thinking  of what one is talking and thinking and trying to bring about? Is the idea one think offer a perspective or not? Here is the main factor and matter to consider?

In Islamic tradition it is said that “knowledge is a single point, but the foolish have multiplied it”. The point here is the ideas can have four broad categories. The first one is constructive and practical. The second one is destructive but practical. The third one is constructive but impractical. The fourth is destructive and impractical.

The potency and knowledge level of anyone is measured on how far one is simple and clear. one understand that  the power of intelligence is expressed in simplicity. You complicate things since you are not clear with them. One knows any given idea when one can expresses in three levels. The first one is definition. The second levels explanation. The third level is one supports with analogies and examples so as to clearly and simply deliver one’s view.

Paulo Fri ere states … ” No one knows everything and no one knows nothing; no one educates anyone, none educates himself alone, people educate each other, mediated by the world”. And in another place he commented…”Education by itself does not change the world, but it is impossible to do without it”.

With all such ideas that involve Asia, Americas and Africa, in which it was the Europeans who took the lead in Philosophy: one claims that it s not possible to live without philosophy as it complicates most peoples lives.


December 17, 2009

Failure to be honest can lead to tragic consequences especially in matters related to the DIVINE. When one fails to be honest with his wife or in his office, the harm is bounded and limited to single family or office.

Where as, when one fails to be honest with matters related to THE DIVINE, this could lead to disastrous ends and complications. Overtime mistakes build up and tend to be considered as true since we get used to it.

In matters related to GOD, many people justify their healthy relationship with GOD since they have family, education, wealth, peoples around them, followers and the like. They incline to measure the degree of their faith and integrity with things related to material aspects of life.

However when we consider the history of those Prominent Figures in such aspects, all of them suffered and had sever complications in life. Then, one tends to derive that the standard of such aspects sounds very paradox and confused.

How do we measure our relationship with GOD? Is this because life is going in a direction we want? Is it because we are living a comfortable life?

Since GOD is unknowable essence, such measurements tends to fall under the mercy of one’s dictation and submit to few individuals’ settings could be an option. This does not mean that such stuff is correct.

For instance, I may have a poor in life, and at some point of life, my life tends to change and got a very comfortable life in terms of material stuff. When one has material things around, money, one gets things so easily.

When such fortune circles my life, I tend to assume that God is getting very close to me; but at the same time I may face other difficulties, in which I may be in a bad shape to know who is a real friend or not?

Every fortune gives birth to its own tests and difficulties as in every poverty does. In every situation I have my own challenges to face, but very different look I have in defining my interpretation I have with God.

When one’s relationship with God is defined in materialistic way, and one’s interpretation is put in such limited plane of existence, one tends to define God as knowable and very limited reality that could be very deceiving understanding.

If those Figures are my model in such aspects of life—the standard they set is suffering and difficulties—not mansions and the like. However, if I tend to define my healthy relationship with God with mansions I have, I might fail here.

This is not to make one to live in verandas and bus station, but to underline on how our measurements are very misleading due to past interpretations and understanding, in which one may pause and think a little bit more. And this does not mean one prefers to live in poverty to imitate those figures.

In our daily interactions with one to another, one with community, or a given institution, there are matters considered as normal due to the fact that we get used to them though they could be wrong. Since one gets used to such aspects, we tend to assume that we are correct though we are wrong.

We live in a world of material world; we need money; we need material things for our survival. This is doubtless. We cannot live without material things and we need to bring the desire and courage to accumulate so that our interactions can be healthy and productive. This is essential. This is normal.

What could be worse here is when one is obsessed with material things to the extent one’s eye could be blinded and put one’s shape in bad form and die for such stuff. The crux here is to find the balance and know the limit.

If accumulation of material things affects the integrity of my intellectual, emotional and spiritual reality, I need to check my self here. Here, I have to investigate which direction I need to take; for at times one may prefer poverty than acquiring wealth in unjustifiable and unacceptable means.

There are four strong forces that consume our world today. The first one is materialism. The second one is apocalyptic-ism. The third one is fanatic-ism. The fourth one is conservative-ism.

“…That person who shall die while he is studying knowledge in order to revive the knowledge of religion will be one degree inferior to the Prophet”…Professor Stephen quotes of the words of the Prophet.

“There are only tow person are permitted to envy; the one to whom God has given riches and who has the courage to spend his means for the cause of truth; the one to whom God has given wisdom and who applies it for the benefit of mankind and shares it with his fellows”, El-Bokhari, Les Tradition Islamiques.


December 15, 2009

They say, in the world of the blind a one eyed person is considered as a king. This describes on how few people behave in a world where the mass has no clue of the things they know.

When few people know something as a matter of, they consider themselves that they are the center of the earth and think that there is no knowledge and wall behind their house and the like.

EGO is a very interesting human nature where it displays its character and manifestation depending on the plane and media it wants to act and reflect.

Achievements and accomplishments are spices of life and are excellent. However the pride that comes after such matters could be at times worse and more evilistic than the holistic matter the achievement was supposed to deliver.

When ego is reflecting in the world of knowledge—it brings tremendous damage and boastful pride—in which those who know little are considered as “centers of authority”, and are invited everywhere to give talks and show their gesture.

They start delivering their speech stating,this is my humble presentation but deep inside they are telling you that you are stupid, know nothing, but I know everything and the like.

They are compressing the audience to zero level, by pushing their fake button to humbleness. If I am authorized to certain extent about a matter, I have the right to put anyone to whichever level. You are under my mercy.

The other manifestation of Ego is in the world of war in which few are heard saying we can fabricate war and know how to end it up. Those who claim such stuff in the history of human kind did end up with disappointment.

Napoleon, Adolph Hitler and the like are good examples, in which the accomplishment they had in their dominion and others put them in bad shape.

When I know something that the mass is deprived, it is my responsibility and duty to share what I know to others so that others should benefit and protect themselves from pros and cons it delivers.

However, if I know something, the stuff I know has both positive and negative aspects, and if it is only I who know the matter, I can construct and destroy the entire society I belong due to the very gesture I am bestowed with.

As the Book says,”they have eyes, but they do not see; they have ears, but they do not listen”. “Blessed are they who believe without seeing”.


December 15, 2009

Paulo Friere, Brazilian Educator, stated in his work of “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, “The generosity of the oppressors is nourished by unjust order … because of their background they believe that they must be the executors of the transformation”.

In another statement he commented, “To wash one’s hand in the face of oppression is to reinforce the power of the oppressor, is to side with him”.

Basically there could be three types of oppression. One is a physical one. The other is intellectual one. The other is emotional oppression.

Oppression is a threat comes as a result of one’s communication and interaction with other individuals, society and institution that creates some sort of displeasing feelings and depression as result of violation of one’s freedom.

Hence, it is necessary, at times, to reverse such feelings and dramas with another constructive and better feelings and thoughts so as to make life very healthy and productive.

Oppression starts from an individual level in daily communication and interaction. It may start from an office or a family. If one is a boss in an office of family, one may oppress others due to one’s authority and power.

When it comes to institution level, what makes it different here is that it gets its own structure. It has budget, office, human resource, daily and weekly plans and the like.

It becomes a job and a duty. It may have even a staff that ranks to a minister level. It will be heavy burden that risks individual lives.

When one is deprived to move from place to place, one’s freedom of movement is oppressed here. When one is rich and could not invest money in many reasons beyond one’s control, one’s freedom of investment is oppressed. Conceptually, physical oppression is related to such activities.

When one is educated and intellectual as well, and the idea one entertains is ignored and considered as trivial without enough and good reasons, here one’s intellectual freedom and reality is oppressed.

When one’s emotion and feelings are harmed with sabotages and conspiracies, one’s emotional reality is oppressed. If I make a comment to a person in intriguing way in radio programs, in advertising program in a TV, in a music I perform, in a print media, then individuals get provoked and harmed here.

Such things are happening not from the failures of individuals, but from the influence of outside agents and parties. They provoke individuals and come from individuals and institutions to intentionally and deliberately harm and make them useless and put them in the recycle bin.

Oppression originates from lack of confidence and stability one has. It is a consequence of infidelity and disloyalty. It is a result of continuous lie and deception exist in a given system and community.

It is imperative here to mention that those who think that they commit themselves for the betterment of their respective people and citizens to regularly check themselves and constantly follow up the integrity of their system.

When people think that the system for punishing or threatening or oppressing others work for few individuals so as to make them behave in their given system, this does not work for other groups of individual, and may even cause them for their own destruction and extinguishment at last.

For example, there could be individuals who lead a particular community. They give you ice creams and delicious food when they like you and make you feel that the whole world belongs to you.

When you ask something; why are such things happening? They give you electric shock in evening and tell you that you are chosen in the next morning—you do not know who chose you, but try to confuse you that you are holy. Such trend was helping them for a certain period of time, but not warranty forever.

What they did here is one is a lie; the other is they give you physical shock—physical, intellectual, and emotional oppression. The other is they put themselves in vicious circle of crisis. They try to protect themselves with unjustified means.

Oppression has many colors and sounds. And courage is the solution. When you are oppressed, and if you do not show the courage to fight that oppression, your oppression continues forever.

Courage needs detachment. Courage needs knowledge. One has to be aware that one is oppressed. It is a state of being, not a result of ignorant emotions.

It is a conscious choices and efforts one applies to change a way of life to a better one. It is not like carrying arms and killing others.


December 14, 2009

Every given individual, society and institution face three major types of complications.

The first one is inherited from parents and fore parents or authors. The second one is acquired in the process of interaction, but created by oneself. The third is what one takes from others in the process of interaction.

Any given community may take any given challenges from its founders and advocators. Such matters are very difficult ones unless they are remedied by them or given some kind of perspective.

For instance one’s father might come with a broad and great vision of forming a community; and the son or another person might be—not sure, but rumored—appointed as a successor to lead the community after the passing of a father.

Leading a community, the successor may take personal decisions, might be against the volition and vision of the author and derived one’s own version. In such cases the mass has no choice except being obedient to the successor.

And the community that is created think that both are legitimate leaders but in different times. Most may have no clue. Few people may come with careful research and investigation; and ask what is going on?

Here this given community is in trouble for many reasons. One is with the complication created between author and successor; and second is from the desire of the successor; and the third is the communication gap created between members of that given community due to such variation.

Complications are very difficult problems that change their character and behavior in due time and they need remedy otherwise they can be like cancers.

And the successor might appoint another person who makes same kind of statement so as to keep the integrity of that given community. In such case this person may make or write statements that could contain the following—Contradiction, Confusion, Confession and Vision.

If one writes about another person as if that person is not a manifestation of God, in a world the original author claimed and in reality is—every human being is a manifestation of God.

If one writes and uses phrases that put classes and races of people with words or languages they are not well represented and respected; this raises doubts.

If one writes statements excelling one given community and making others fell less responsible, such matters raise Contradictions.

Moreover, when a person like me joins such a community one could pass certain stages and steps in life for many reasons.

In the process of time, when one joins that given community and its respective leaders, one passes certain levels and stages in that given world. In the first place, when one joins, one feels that the whole world is in one’s palm.

One thinks that what is wrong with the world on why the whole is not joining such community. One blames the world. One tends to be cynical.

After a while, when one got a chance to see what the head quarter of that given community looks like and how things are working out there, one tends to think that the longest drama in the history of human kind exist there. It is a non-stop.

One gets the meaning of few matters that are repeatedly and loudly said in that given community. One is Obedience. The other is Encouragement. The other is Enemies and the Like. They are fakes.

Then one changes on how one perceives the matter—it is not the people of the world who was supposed to response, but that given community which needs to be checked.

In this given world there are many layers and circles of people which do have various effects and influences. The interconnection of things do also exist in societies and institutions.

When there is found a matter which could have links and connection, if that given stuff has a source, and damaging; and when that source is dried, the whole thing or stuff stops and things can be okay.

Such given community has already created vacuum and is conducive to be manipulated and designed by any architects and engineers in a way they wanted to give shape and form; and it does not need to be a rocket scientist in such community to be a leader behind and oppress those who ASK and THINK.