November 26, 2009

History furnished us about the nature and character of GOD in a power beyond our comprehension, the Creator, the Unknowable Essence and the like.

Such understanding is a basic underlined common ground for many people on defining and interpreting what many assume GOD is to them.

Is God a scientist that operates in scientific approach or a power that works with magical operation? Is there definite recipe to perceive and understand GOD?

Basically what we know about GOD up to now is what we think we know that may not be the case. Since we have a ground that all agree that GOD is unknowable, the moment we think we know, GOD becomes stopping the real GOD, for it is unknowable.

What we think we know is our own perception and understanding, which is a description and expression of limited reality, thus it is the reflection that we know in our minds. One knows the ray since one receives it, but not the entire sun.

Due to past trend and experience, there could be people who could come with some kind of recipe about an entity they do not know. This is like manufacturing a medicine with a prescription from an engineer or a lawyer or a film actor.

There were group of birds who fly together at same height and height [velocity] every day. One day one of them wanted to fly at higher distance and better speed. And he consulted the rests about his need.

All of them rejected his claim and warned him, in fact they told him that if he goes up he will die and there is no life at all.

Being dissatisfied with the answer, the bird made a try and did reach where he wanted to be. There he met another group of birds like him, better in capacity than those who were before, but share same experience and need.

And at that same height and level, this particular bird had acquired another thirst to fly with better speed and higher height; and he asked them to fly a little bit higher with better speed; again all of them here rejected, they told him you have reached the highest level and there is no space left above.

Again this particular bird was not satisfied, and flew to upper level, and he found another group of birds and getting more satisfied than before since they have same level of thirst and need. The trend we have in our world especially in REALITY like GOD, all those group of individuals who think that they have the absolute path to GOD, they tell you one thing—they have the way or path and salvation and the like.

Few groups try to make the approach very scientific so that they can convince the educated society. Others operate in traditional approaches which many associate with magic powers and the like.

What makes both groups identical is they claim that they have the right visa; and they are the safest path and have safe airplane to make a journey to GOD.

GOD cannot be known, to claim such rightful authority sounds up surd and hard to trust, except preferring the path that matches to what one thinks and believes to satisfy one’s ego and thirst—self-centered and selfishness approach.

This makes the path to GOD to be divided in two broad categories where there are groups that believe and think that GOD does not need researchers and scientist, IT is just a reality that one feels and lives deep inside one self.

Others believe and think GOD can be known thru scientific and researching matter, and can be known thru scientific and research activities.

It is so hard to discuss and spent huge resources and times in trying to unravel about an ENTITY none has clue even if there is found a matter that conforms to our thinking, it is so hard to justify since we do not know GOD.

One thing all shares about GOD is one’s ignorance about God’s working; none knows the way GOD operates and functions. If ignorance is the common ground, one could come to conclusion that much contradiction our world is facing regarding such matter is the reflection of such ignorance.

Such ignorance could be reflected in egocentric attitudes, selfishness, pride, pretension, hypocrisy, ignorant emotionalism, deception, lie, and the like.

If there was knowledge and clarity on such aspects, there would not be contradiction, conflicts, war, enmity and the like.

Hence, one could argue that both trends—magician and scientific—can be considered as futile since none can know GOD in absolute sense and way. The GOD one knows belongs to oneself; and is the one at hand can be different from the other due to ignorance and lack of clarified knowledge about GOD.



November 25, 2009

Once up on a time in one place of the planet, there used to live honey bees that produce honeys for human beings. They used to live and work together.

And they go out, together, early in the morning from their home, they spent their days and times around flowers and the like and they go back to their home at the end of the day. This is their daily practice and their daily routine activity.

One day one of them, the bee, watched a creature so alike to the bee group, and she started observing that creature in curious eye, and wanted to approach that given creature for reason that creature is not mixing up.

As days goes by, the bee wanted to make a conversation with that creature. Then the bee asked their master on why that creature is not coming along with them. The master said leave that subject; just follow me. It does not belong to us was the answer. The bee was not satisfied.

And that given creature is the fly.

On the next day, the bee waited for the fly and started conversation, saying hello in bee’s way; and the fly replied in the fly way. Then the bee asked the fly, how is life, the fly replied it is so cool. As far as there are things I want, I am fine.

The fly asked the bee on how life was going, the bee replied I am so fine, but I felt life is incomplete that is why you find me here. I was wondering on why you are not coming along with us. Then conversation went on like this.

Both started having company and enjoyed their sharing of experiences together.

Then, the honey bee stays every day with the fly and spent the night with the bees. As time passes by, the bee is getting bored staying with bees, and start spending night with the fly.

And finally the honey bee turned out to be a fly in form and content and in everything and died being a fly.

The morale of this story is that there are individuals who have wonderful identity and personality in their own nation and country, but due to selfish, hidden, unending desires, ambition, curiosity and the like they happen to be found somewhere they do not belong and extinguish their priceless identity.

It is good to have company with others, but is bad to lose one’s identity and integrity. Respecting others does not mean losing one’s reality. Due to reasons unidentified, few may lose who they are unknowingly.

Such matters can happen to one self for many reasons. One is due to financial conditions. Poverty and the desire to be rich may cause one to lose one’s integrity. The other reason could be due to excessive love and respect one has for others. Such things could be corrected and should have a balance.

The other reason could be due to ignorance. One could assume that it is norm to follow others, to imitate others, to be like them and the like. If the norm creates such balance, it will be considered as standard to be like others.

The other reason could be an expression of one’s hate or disrespect one has for one’s identity and personality so that one may go everywhere to find the so called ‘true self’.

The other reason could be due to sincerely seeking one self and may end up in losing one’s true self.

However, there are certain matters to be considered as criterion in finding one’s reality, and these could be physical factors, language and culture factors, emotional factors, spiritual factors, and the like in which such matters could be integrated and harmonized than lose balances.

Is identity related to following a particular ideology? Is identity related to practicing certain laws? Is identity related imitating others personality? Is identity related to following or imposing one’s culture on others? What is identity?

A bee is a bee; this does not mean that a bee cannot mingle with another creature as far as that mingling brings harmony and order.

In cases of human beings, sharing universal natures, there are also other natures all shares, like ethnic, culture, language, nation and the like. One cannot delete and forget them. One keeps them very well.

The universal nature here can serve as a link that integrates to create a common understanding and network between the whole. It cannot suppress and override on the rest. It is a supplementary activity and cannot be abolish the rest factors.


November 23, 2009

Leadership is a sacred skill. It is a sacred responsibility. Leadership is a key element and factor that affects individuals, society and institutions dynamics.

Historically, leadership is directly related to power and authority. This is correct. What can be added here is that another dimension in which such power and authority can be implemented. It is just an attitude matter.

Leadership means captainship. Leadership requires thinking. Leadership demands visions. Leadership means knowing things ahead of time.

It is not an easy skill. It is in fact a learning process; one learns thru time and adjusts oneself to be great leader. It is not like baking pizza cake. It cannot have definite mathematical formula or recipe to come up with.

It is mainly related with solving societal problems, which needs expertise advice, thinking outside the box, and coming up with effective and efficient remedy. Due to changes of needs of any given society, it changes its character and virtue.

One of the things that are required in the field of leadership is an understanding of human reality and nature. Rules and policies are result of societal problems and choices, which is connected with human aspects and reality.

While living in such MATRIX, rules and policies are designed to create a conducive atmosphere for the majority, not for the entirety. This makes the life of few to be in jeopardy. This was the trend, and will be too.

Leaders cannot put and design laws for every individual. This is clear and simple.

If few individuals are stealing, laws regarding stealing is designed to protect the majority from such threats. If few individuals have massive wealth, laws regarding economy are designed to help and facilitate on their operation.

The more number of such interactions and devises, the whole matrix can be considered in total action and reaction of few and majority,which balance will put weight will be a matter left to judiciary institutions.

The sense of accountability, ownership, responsibility and transparency are mainly affected on how such laws affect such dynamics—individuals and societies. When a given law touches the life of an individual, any given individual starts reacting in one’s own way—peaceful or violent.

In such cases, understanding of human aspects in thorough manner is homework, and duty leaders can take and work on so that smooth and agreeable common environments can be established and founded.

This does not mean that if a society is somehow injected with wrong mentalities are acceptable, but rather such acts should be corrected.

We know that this UNIVERSE contains many creatures, and there must be a way that should integrate all such creatures so that the desired security and stability— life as human beings—should be established on the EARTH.

Any given individual from one corner of the earth shares certain values with another given individual due to the fact that they live in same PLANET. This is well known and underlined.

There should be an environment of tolerance, respect, understanding, freedom to individuals’ own thinking and practice as far as any given individual thinking is not a threat to others, or does not harm one’s neighbor.

Leadership is mainly connected with power and authority, where as in few nations it is considered as service, which require a mind need and set of being humble and welcoming others, being matured and understanding.

Every leadership is a process. First it is borne—child, then become youthful; then becomes adult, and the like until it completes its evolutionary cycle. While such process is underway, in all cycles, it is a learning process.

While such gigantic process of life is underway, it is a chimera to think survival of society and individual without leaders. In reality, survival and strength of any given society is dependent upon on how far they are truthful.

A STRONG LEADERSHIP is mainly dependent upon in its flexibility, understanding of REALITIES, its conformity with TRUTH, and on its transparency and accountability to the entire society. Here, trust will be a reality produced while performing its activities in the above processes underway.


November 23, 2009

Psychologists define the human aspects of one’s reality in three aspects: one thinks who one is; who one practically is; and what others think who one is. They are all different.

Based on the above premises, one can derive a conclusion that one has at least three personalities. Three of them have different manifestations and reflections.

One can add another two aspects to such personalities: this can be what one thinks and perceives others . When all these aspects sum up, four of them, one can reach to conclusion that one can have a complete aspect of one’s reality, which is still relative and subjective.

As human beings, we have four basic natures, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual ones.

And further synthesizing such aspects, every nature is a personality,physical you, emotional you, spiritual you, intellectual you and so on.

The physical you is in most cases related to,the tall you, short you, fat you, slim you and the like. The emotional you is related to the tempered you, calm you and the like.

The intellectual you is related to the educated you, the intelligent you, the dull you and the like. The spiritual you is related to the honest you, the truthful you and the like.

The YOU factor is here related to basic four which is supported and integrated by another twelve elements, in this case the physical you needs, the emotional, intellectual, the spiritual factors, which sum up with four basic ingredients.

The human reality here sums up to sixteen basic and major aspects whose multi-functional reality can lead to multi-aspects. Thus human being is a complex creature is not just a saying, but rather a reality.

Human reality is not only made up of rules and laws, but also with choices and freedom of choices of an individual. Courage is a choice. Heroism is a choice.

The psychology of self starts from inception and never ends, we believe and think that life is a continuous process. The dynamics of life is continuum.

Few, when they physically leave this plane of existence, exist in our planet on part time basis, in which we commemorate or remember them of their good and bad works.

Others have no trace of their existence and no clue of their life due to the contributions and part they had in our lives. We ignore them.

Such aspects of life happen to be reality on how one integrates the above four to sixteen aspects of our realities in harmonious and integrated means.

Personality has played big role in shaping our reality due to the FORM and SYSTEM society has been shaped, which does not mean that the FORM our world is in its perfect status. They shaped us in way we are now, and we have no clue to what shape we are going to deliver to next generation.

Most of our expectations in the past in cases are proven to be contradictory with our thinking, which do affect our plans and expectations in the future too.

History furnished us with data that help us function in today or tomorrow, which can indicate that expectations is real spices and at times dangers in life.

Therefore, the more stabilized and reconciled self one creates in one’s life, the better being and citizen one is becoming, the useful and productive person one is, and the complete satisfaction and achievement one is to bring about.

The YOU factor is affected by time and space, in which opportunity is one aspect; choice is another aspect. Laws are another aspect. Culture is another aspect. Religion is another aspect. System is another aspect.

I wonder a given reality which is shaped in North America supposing reality has a form, and that given reality could have a shape of like the banana, when bringing that given reality in Africa it may turn out to be like an apple.

Meaning, any given individual due to certain reasons or natural laws who was shaped in North America is one’s personality and that given same individual is given a chance to grow in Africa is one’s personality are different aspects. Here, personality is so elastic, and can be flexible with environments. There is no such rigidity in such aspects.


November 21, 2009

Human being is a creature with manifold realities and qualities. Amongst them, personality and individuality are major areas of one’s quest in life.

Social scientists define and identify these two major natures of human reality as distinct in which individuality is not something to be shared with one to another, but personality is something one shares with other fellow beings.

Individually is mostly associated with the soul, in which one is created with distinct gift and quality, and personality is acquired.

A given person is borne with certain family, who share certain values; which extend its circle to another bigger circle, and the like. However, there comes a course of life when a person can completely change one’s value which cannot belong to any of the circles one used to belong.

Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Moses, Confucius, St. Augustine, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and other great Personages in the Planet performed a life which helped many people to live with sacred and healthy life style. They delivered many people useful Perspectives.

While looking at the Teachings, many of Them brought, They do not belong to groups They joined and/ or families and societies They had been brought up. They were unique and different from others due to many reasons.

In a very fact Most brought NEW TEACHINGS, and in cases contrary to what the society used to believe in and think too, but passed hardship and difficulties.

Such trend is becoming the nature of our world. It is a must to pass certain challenges and pay sacrifices before their IDEA is unveiled to the eye of viewers.

Ridiculing, belittling, sabotaging, conspiring, and doing all kind of bad stuff on them were common difficulties all share due to the CAUSES They belong and promote, which has tendency of possessing many followers in due time.

Such Personages are believed to have certain Individuality which others lack, and are considered as GOD sent Ones. Such interpretations and understandings have no problem since it is agreed by the majority. Basically, they are conventional agreements and preferences of individuals and societies.

Basic assumption underlined here is that THE CAUSE they brought helped many people to have productive and meaningful life due to the fact that other people can not bring such CAUSE unless supported by extra-ordinary power. This assumption can be true and is useful due to the fact that it helped majority.

Interpretations and Understandings are subjective in nature. It is our understanding that Personality played major role in imposing and inducing interpretations into many peoples mind settings. Thus, choice plays a role here.

Our world is full of Idea Menus like restaurants and café in which one picks what one likes and lives with what one prefers. Hence, life style is something optional and cannot be considered as Absolute Path.

Due to the fact that Personality is not perfect and relative in its status, our world has been shaped with such powerful interpretations that cannot change the mental settings and inner models of reality of a given community or society.

Accepting and submitting to such aspects of life is with no choice, but this does not mean that there could not be other alternatives to grasp realities and understanding about life as human being and the world.

Society has been shaped with mental settings of few figures and prominence which controlled majority in many aspects; and the majority silence and acceptance is equally accountable to that of few figures role and approaches.

Pause, and play the music, and wake up and smell the coffee. It is time to wake up from the injected sleep society has been given, and ask certain relevant questions that should ultimately lead the whole to BRIGHT FUTURE.

BRIGHT FUTURE is a choice. It can be our destiny when we choose it to be. There is nothing magical. Efforts and choice play a significant role than waiting everything to happen miraculously. One has a choice at every level and point.

Various thinking and ideas shaped our reality in past, present and future; and it is our choice and freedom to create new ones and advance our life to better beings. Why are we scared of? Why are we silent? What are we scared of?


November 20, 2009

Greek philosopher, Plato, originated the view of Idea and Form. Hence, the rest continued their search and talked about Form and Spirit.

Basically, Does Spirit have Form? If so, what kind of Form? In a very fact, Spirit is not tangible and seen, where as Form is seen and tangible; in another case Form cannot be tangible too. The two different realities can have different forms of expression and understanding upon the eye of the perceiver.

Form is a result of the human mind; where as Spirit is an emanation from the Unknown Source. When both interact, the Form is created upon the capability of the perceiver, and takes its own identity, in reality may not.

Due to limited plane of existence here, any idea can be misinterpreted and formulated with some kind of recipe and can convince many people; this does not mean that it is correct.

The idea of Scientific Communism, which was created by Karl Marx, and how it was promulgated, and how Marx himself perceived at the end, to the extent that if this is Marxism… I am not Marxist, can be one example.

Ideas are created at least two times and then recreated more times. The first one is in the inventor’s mind in its abstract sense. Then the originator translates to this objective reality after experimentation processes. And then when it is placed to the outside world, which can be further improved and adjusted. And so on.

The idea of Spirit, when it is channeled to something tangible, it will be oppressed and colonized. The unlimited reality cannot be fully expressed with limited reality and is still an area of research that cannot have an end.

Form is a shape. It is an appearance. It is an outward expression of “Idea”, but due to limitations and inconveniences of the media and plane of existence, most ideas gets adjusted and put to form after many corrections and trials error.

This does not mean that any given idea is perfect and has to take shape. NOT. There are ideas which are meaningful and can have outward appearance, but not take shape due to limitations of this plane of existence. They are practical and can be implemented.

These Ideas can be consistent with rules of the cosmos, Time and Space. Factors for such threats are mentioned before.

The integration of Spirit and Form…and Idea and Shape…are so interesting due to the fact, they upraise human ego and agitate the idea of identity and personality. They tell…” I am like this”…

This makes me to relate to a story I heard in Uganda. In a particular village when TV was introduced, the dwellers of that given community put an antenna on top of the roof. And one given family did not put that antenna on their roof. When the children of that given family interact with other children, they were harassed due to their parents’ financial inability to buy the TV.

The children of that given family told their parents on the kinds of harassment they faced from other children due to their inadequacy. Then the parents frankly told their children about the financial stress they are having. The children understood their parents’ condition. Then the parents came up with an idea of putting antenna like wire, which is found in their home, and put it on top of the roof. All agreed. They did put the wire as antenna like form. Then everyone who is passing by that given family home, they know they have TV. And by doing sop, they stop the harassment their children faced.

Form has a deceiving expression in which what one culture or community has developed and translated some ideas with some sort of outward actions; it could result in deceiving personalities. Such matters can happen due to many factors.

One reason can be financial condition. The other reason can be the desire to belong to a particular community. The other reason can be due to selfish interest. The other reason can be due to acknowledging one’s ignorance, and accepting others as source of knowledge.

The other reason could be due to obedience and respect one has for that given culture or system. The other reason could be due to belief or understanding of that particular practice in one’s life.

In such cases, Form needs revision. Spirit contains the Form; Form can never contain the Spirit. Spirit cannot be fully expressed in gesture; but Form is just a simple movement that cannot have mysterious aspects.

Spirit is Truth. Spirit is Knowledge. Spirit is Power. Spirit gives life. Where as Form is limited and oppressed expression of Spirit. Form can be deceiving. Form can be fake; and can be misleading.


November 19, 2009

Policy is related to good wish of institutions. Few keep. Others use it as charter. Others consider it as manual for operation.

When policies try to make human nature to do this and that, it will be more of rules of a jail or prison house.

To keep the integrity of a system, rules and regulations are essential; but suppressing the natural born human freedom is impossible.

Human beings are not created to be like machines. They cannot be robots. Rules and policies are designed to create a common and healthy environment to variety of individuals, but not to control them.

When they pass their limits, they become dictator, and every one is scared to live, which needs a mechanism to create the balance.

The purpose of designing rules, policies, or whatever is to function in better way and environment, but not to tell the do’s and do not do’s.

Every human being is created with free will, which makes everyone happy. Choice is a very interesting aspect of our life. Though we have lot of choices, this does not mean that we do or select all; it is impossible. But, I hate to be told to choose this or that. I like my freedom of choice.

It is so hard to accept rules like, talk to this group of people, do not socialize with this kind of people, in a world where we are created to be ONE.

The purpose of human existence is to learn how to exercise our born freedom in matured way, and thus we practice many kind of rules which starts from self to the entire planet—Law of the Universe.

Basically there are two types of laws; the first ones are not created by human beings. The second ones are created by humans.

We have no choice and alternative to rejects the Law of the Universe—the Law of Gravity. However, we have a choice not to pay taxes, not to be asked visas, and the like. There are choices we make, but happen to be laws.

Due to their repetitive and daily practices, some laws happen to be shelters, and we think that we are not even safe to live without them. As far as they create healthy dynamics within society, they are fine. But, we still have the choice.

Most of our human problems are more of human imaginations, which do not have outward and real existence, but due to the human needs, they happen to exist, and we suffer for not fulfilling those needs.

A person kills another person due to the fact that one believes in certain thing, and the other does not believe in that certain thing. The belief one creates is some sort of IDEA, which can encompass the other’s person.

Due to misunderstanding and misinterpretations, they kill each other. When such matters happen on regular basis, we tend to think that there is a tendency to be convinced, that one has a reason. And thus the matter takes form and shape.

Hence, laws, rules and the like are designed to control such problems created out of imaginative difficulties of those people. They start to exist as real matter.

Rules and laws play eminent rule in shaping our identity, but they should not lead us to war and enmity, but rather they should create an environment of understanding and tolerance.

The more number of laws one practices, the more loss one practices in using rationale, the less true self one finds, the more confusion one faces in life. Thus, one may pause and think to find the true self, in which one shares with many.

Identity is integrity. Integrity needs efforts and choices. Efforts and choices needs to have vast field of opportunity. Opportunity needs freedom. Freedom is dependent up on internal and external factors. One pauses here to think, what is freedom?

FREEDOM can be defined here as good wish. Freedom is never ending, for it has a start, but never stops. However it will be formidable to think that it can be derived by laws, for human beings needs happiness in life.

Happiness and Freedom are interrelated. Abraham Lincoln stated we can be happy as much as we can, which is related to our readiness and both internal and external factors. For nothing is absolute.

Hence, laws by their very nature oppress the freedom one wants to exercise, but helps in creating healthy and productive community dynamics.

The more number of laws society or community is forced to practice, the more machines one is going to be, which put the freedom of choice, which is one of the spices of life, under question.

I wonder and imagine a world without laws, but a society interacting with absolute love, unity, cooperation, and respect, without being told, knowing and doing everything as the situation demands?