The Book says, ” the Truth shall set you free”. However, many people prefer not to do so. Why? According to personal research, people lie for many reasons. Basically lies are of two types; the first one is a fictitious one in which it is created out of nothing-out of the blue; and the other is to hide the truth or reality. It is written on the Book that “All men are liars”.  Thus, people can lie for many different reasons, and major reasons can be the following:-

1.The desire to be perfect;

2.The desire to be smart-Out of fear, and to  escape other situations;

3.The desire to satisfy personal -selfish interest [short term]-not consistent…

4.The desire to protect hidden agenda [long term]

5. The desire to protect oneself [prestige, rank and the like];

6. The desire to reconcile differences or conflicts;

And there can also be other reasons in which people can lie :-

7. As an expression of disrespect or hate towards others;

8. As a result or consequence of being deceived, to the extent in which they might not be aware of the fact that they are even lying;

9. As a pastime or kind of games or jokes;

For whichever purpose lies are used; to lie is inhuman and is not acceptable. But truthfulness, is a key that unlocks gates of true human FREEDOM.