The World Population

October 19, 2018

In one place of this world, in every second, one person comes to the world, and in another place of this world, in one second, one person could depart from this world. Birth and death have an impact on number and size of population which society have in its domain since it affects its political, economic social and cultural settings and dynamics too.  This is inevitable.

It is also quite interesting to note in here  that those places or societies who do not have alternative or variety of entertaining places and events have spent in much of their given time in multiplying their given numbers since they have enough time to spend on such production and reproduction process too. It is good to have many number and variety of people since they are useful and helpful to the society at large.

When population size increases in any given social dynamics while there is shortage of supply of basic needs, this obviously causes in different kinds of catastrophes such as diseases, famine and other related consequences since such incompatibility between demand and supply curve always result with some kind of catastrophes that do result in pessimistic attitudes and thinking which people have for life. This is obvious.

Increase in population size is good and positive as far as such given number of population is used for productive purpose and cause; population size increase is bad and negative when such given number of population size is idle and it becomes burden to the society at large which could eventually result in destruction of many given aspects of life.

Knowing exact number of populations size of any given social dynamics is highly critical and fundamental as it is vital for planning purpose as any given governing body requires in order to provide something to the public service, and such knowledge is of great importance and needs as it also avoids complications and challenges such bodies do face.

When governing body lacks such kind of accurate data and information, it always lives with burden that cannot be voided and removed since such body is leading and governing such given social dynamics without adequately identifying required needs and wants that do put its administrative machinery under perplexity as well.

Delivering public services to hundreds while millions are craving and starving does not mean anything since hundreds in relation to millions is quite small and insignificant; it is not even something that deserves any given kind of recognition within the public though it is better than zero.

Public at large sees and hears everything since everyone seeks for every kind of public service and it is not even possible to cheat and deceive the entire public by given few candies to the few as many millions look for something, and they do not obtain, such hundred could be swallowed and buried since there is no as such significant tasks performed for such millions too.

When people engage themselves in public services, first requirements they should know besides generalized and basic needs and want, is the exact quantity of users which means numbers of people who need something and as such given aspect is not clearly and truthfully known and told, it is chimera at to expect that public service can be reached to every home and people.

It is quite simple and wild guess to tell that when population census is taken with few years interval, it is indeed quite something as it delivers some kind of direction which is indeed useful and helpful for decisions makers since it serves policy makers for their planning and strategy making purposes.

It is also quite indispensable to focus on certain significant drawbacks which do have their own consequences on the quality of outcome to be found out, such as, failure in sample takings, negligence of staff who assume such given profound responsibility, due to lack of awareness of consequences such results deliver in future pubic undertakings, willingness or lack of interest of public at large in giving truthful information, and many other reasons that do have on quality of such given census results.

For example, a given society could have fifty million population size which can elect its leaders in its election time. Such given estimate was found from statistical census which respective legitimate office provides. However, as practical process is going on, sixty million people could vote and election result could go to unexpected party or person that truly cause fight and bloodsheds due to lack of proper counting and truthful data and statistical results.

Quite strange and scary will be when leaders are not happy, in fact, angry about increase in size of population which comes year after year since it gives them a very good nightmare as such increase do make them sleepless as they fail to satisfy whatever needs of public at large. This kills every leader in this world and it is unsurprising that they become restless.

They say, world population has reached to seven billion, but it could be more since this is just estimate and it is not possible to say in here that this figure is exact and accurate though methods that are employed are helpful, due to lack of other given drawbacks of such given process, it is not certain to claim that such figure is correct and true.

Estimation is better than nothing, but it is not better than accurate and exact in every given undertaking. As it is not even possible to be exact in many given undertakings, estimate makes life easy and they are helpful and useful dynamics of life which does not mean that they are end of everything. They change as factors do also change. And they help to deliver certain scenarios of life. But, they are bad, when they mislead and misdirect people which could destroy something and everything too.


Dolly, Jesus and Adam

October 18, 2018

Sex has helped in continuity of generation and creation which is obvious. What could be interesting in her is that when world population become an issue as the population size increases in every land, various experts are involved in order to find and make the balance between sexual things and reproduction process in which various techniques are employed to control such given issue.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on, in one aspect, it is also quite interesting to see other creations who come into being, historically, and by  present by methods who are created not with regular and normal methods such as sexual intercourse and such creations happen to be existing with life for life in this world as well.

How far historically told tales are truthful and correct Is not proven and none has verified, but they indicate that there can be different ways and approaches that can be possible as present day society as science also has its own hypothesis with this regard which has proven true in animals too.

Dolly was the first mammal to have been successfully cloned from an adult cell. She was cloned at the Roslin Institute in Midlothian, Scotland, and lived there until her death when she was six years old. Dolly was euthanised because she had a progressive lung disease and severe arthritis. A Finn Dorset such as Dolly has a life expectancy of around 11 to 12 years, but Dolly lived 6.5 years as various internet sources state.

Adam was another parentless creation in which he was created from the dust and he is the only person who was born without mother and father. He came from dust and return unto dust since stories tell about Adam in which Eve is another creation who was parentless though she came out of rib of Adam.

Jesus Christ is also another figure who was created without father in which he is one of the most outstanding and great influential thinker of the world who transformed and changed humanity and the world at large from one form and way of life into another as most people believe and worship him.

Such give figures of creations have a resemblance as they are created and born without any given sexual intercourse in which methods and approaches which they came into being and objective reality is different and they have their own peculiar characteristics and behaviors in terms of their given contribution to life in this world.

In such theatrical drama of human life, these three figures have delivered something to this world which make oneself to contemplate on matters pertaining to how creation comes into being that force pone to think that there could be different mechanisms which creations come into being as there are different kinds of hypothetical theories which are still unchecked and unapproved due to the fact that such give matter is matter of controversy by its own nature an character as well.

Evolution theory, creationist theory and big bang theory are famous ones in relation to world of creation as they have their own presumptions on how creation is come into being and these assumptions are believed to be governing on different segments of people which depends up on how far society and people are attracted and convinced on such given hypothesis even if none of them are governing to date.



Problem and Solution Oriented

October 16, 2018

Problems are difficult conditions and situations of life which people face and they come to happen in everyone’s home in their own time since none can scape them from being visited by such incidents of life. Hence, they knock everyone’s door at any given time since they are inevitable.

Problems are good as far as they are solved out, as they give another chance to new and different kinds of problems which are yet to come. When problems become repetitive in nature and character, they become boring and they do not add any kind of color and flavor to anyone’s life and they become injudicious since they do not contribute to change and they cannot change people’s life style.

Basically, there are two kinds of problems that exist in this world. First ones are solve able and they become solved out. Second ones are non-solve able and they live by being ending and they pass from one year to another, one generation into another, from one century into another for many different purposes and reasons as well.

This depends upon kind of people which people interact and communicate in which peoples thinking, belief, value makings, perceptions of life, understanding of new and different occurrences and things in life, interpretations of realities of life and other related factors are necessary too.

Problem oriented people are kinds of people who dwell much of their time and energy in talking and discussing about problems and they do not even realize that they enjoy being surrounded with problems. They have crisis oriented life style in which much of their energy, resources and time are spent in being, talking and discussing of problems.

Solution oriented people are kinds of people who give priority to the solution than problem in which they do not want to see any given problem to come again and gain since they spend more time and energy in finding solutions and they are happy as they fix every problem which they face and they are highly interested in the solution than the problem itself.

Problem oriented people focus on problems but in certain cases they look for problems even if they are not around since they are highly attached to problems in which their given life is centered with problems and they think that problems are difficult situations and they want to get empathy from other since they have difficult situations of life.

Solution oriented people are kinds of people who mainly engage themselves in simplifying lives in which they always focus on how to fix certain problems and they always learn something new as they try such given process of life and they come up with creative and innovative ideas as well.

Problem oriented people are complicated in their given life style as they focus on dwelling with problems in which they get adapted to any kind of problems due to the fact that they mainly focus on problems and they live complaining and pointing fingers on other people for causes of such problems.

Solution oriented people have simple way of life as they deliver solutions to any kind of problems which they face as they direct their focus on finding solutions, they have more easy and simplifies way of looking at things as they believe and think that every problem has a solution.

Problem oriented people have focus on blaming other people for all kinds of failures which they face in life, they prefer to escape for taking any kind of  responsibility and accountability as matter of fact such given problems are caused by other people, and they want to blame shift all kinds of responsibility on should of other people.

Solution oriented people are risk takers and they take full responsibility and accountability to their given undertaking in which they do not point fingers on others but rather they take the liability even if those problems are not caused by them, they are no afraid to take any given risk such problems might have caused as they are courageous and confident that everything can be fixed.

Problem oriented people are interested on focusing on the kind of shift they make towards others or something in which they always look for escape goats for finding as solution and by doing so, they create another problems which add another complications to the former ones.

Solution oriented people are focused ones since they are direct and transparent and they do not go all around the bush to solve a particular problem since they are open and straightforward, they clearly see things and they try to solve any given problem as per its context and character and they have sharp minds as result of such given experience and exposures of life.

Problem oriented people try to give importance  and relevance to their own identity and reality by adding some kind of complications on the problems which they are always going on behind and they do things secretly since they do not want things to be resolved out, but they add problems on problems as they go and do things behind. The have hidden personality and agenda.

Solution oriented people have their own way of seeing and perceiving things and problems as result of past experience and practices and they do not follow with methods and ways which the mass follow since they interpret and understand things in their own fashion and style and they have their own way of resolving and looking at things and problems.

Problem Oriented World

October 15, 2018

They say, well identified problem is half solved since it gives some kind of direction to the resolutions in which such knowing helps people in delivering right solution. It is not only key but also critical to sort out right problems, which they call problem identification stage and process, before they think about what kind of solutions which they should provide.

Well identified problem can be half solved as far as right and truthful solutions are provided otherwise it is as good as nothing if correct and appropriate solutions are not provided. Problem identification is good since it directs to find proper solution.

This is also quite interesting to underline and note in here that pending problems which are unresolved as they pass from one generation to another is deliberate and intentional since there are people who make benefit and business out of such given issues due to the fact that they have their own hidden interest and agenda besides and behind such given matters as they put them to be controversy and they like such problems continue all the time.

Purpose of spending and wasting time, resource and energy with sorting and figuring out what kind of problems people face in their given undertaking is to deliver appropriate solution so that such problems might not come again and they will never be an issue since they are properly and correctly solved.

When any given community or society has an issue which has similar nature and characteristics and such issue is coming on continuously time and again, this implies that correct and truthful solutions are not provided even if such problems are well identified.

This also implies to another way of seeing things in which the so called administration or leaders of such given societies are not willing or capable enough to fix such issues for once and for all due to lack of knowledge of future consequences of such unresolved issues and matters as well.

It also implies that they might have delivered solutions which they think appropriate or those solutions which they provide are with intention of diverting them as an agenda and they might fabricate other aspects which they make an issue and agenda.

In this given case, they replace such unresolved issues with other activities and they shift their focus to another undertaking so that others might forget or make such issues as irrelevant or void with intention of burying such given matters to consider them as an issue, but as time goes by and their given fertile time is come, people raise them as hot issue since they later on become significant.

Any given matter or issue can age even one thousand years, one hundred years or one day, point in here is not age or time, but does this given aspect affect dynamics of society, peoples or individuals thinking or belief which should be the most central and pertinent aspect that should be addressed and discussed since it is truly significant.

In such process of life, even if problems are well identified, such problems are not fixed properly, they are inherited from one generation to another and other people still raise them as an issue, as matter of fact such unresolved issues are of significant matters, which are ignored and are not considered and treated seriously. Why? This can happen for many reasons:-

  • To protect trick and deception happened in the past;
  • To protect the system from fear of destruction as they are solved truthfully;
  • They are of great advantage to ruling few people;
  • They favor one segment of society that benefits the administration;
  • From fear of new things could deliver as they are solved;
  • From lack of knowledge of their given future harsh consequences
  • Underestimating their given relevance and significance

Other possible reasons can be listed out, but such unresolved issues and matters have their own time to become as hot agenda even if they might have been buried or ignored in past, but their give mature or fixed time is come, in which people talk and gossip about them behind the curtain for years and decades, and they last become an agenda and matter of great importance and significance.

Any give community or society with unresolved issues and matters that dwell within their given dynamics tell immaturity of that given society, lack of skill and knowledge of administration of system affairs and matters, and their given dictatorial leadership style which is reflected in their given arrogance and ignorance due to the fact that such matters are issues and unresolved as other people raise them and this is an implication that they are suffering, illness and difficulties of administrative machinery too.

A society or community that has unresolved matter which is of significant matter and aspect is sick and it should be medicated before it is dead. Such given sickness could be likened to cancer which consume every other par its organs and members of the system in due course of time. Its adherents are also affected as the system is too.

In such likeness, even if the body infected with cancer wears elegant clothes and have perfumed with most expensive odors, everything will be gone way when the cancer consumes entire body or the system itself in which all those decorative elements are nothing and they become valueless and lifeless as it is finished and consumed by the cancer itself.

Generosity—Principle or People Oriented

October 12, 2018

Principles dictate and govern people’s way of life in which as people focus on principles, all other aspects are secondary since they interact and communicate with others based on such value an beliefs which they establish to their own way of life.

In such way of life, what other people think and belief are not governing but they are considered since life on this world is dependent upon mutual reciprocity on which give and take relationship is one aspect, whatever principles which people develop for their given way of life, but there are also circumstances that may not allow such kinds of transactions as people focus on their own principle too.

Hence, people dwell on two things and aspects in which there are people who give priority to principles whereas there are also other people who focus on centering their given live with people even if people are contrary to their given beliefs, they prefer to be with people.

Such experience of people vary accordingly as per the context and character of people which they interact and communicate in which as people interact and communicate with mature people, they mature as they interact and communicate with immature people, they are also immature too. Maturity is subjective idea which has its own pretext as well.

Principle oriented people and people oriented people is a feature of life which people dwell in order to accomplish something in their given life. Few people are principle centered where as others are people focused ones and they hit their daily undertaking based upon their given priorities of such life. In such given aspects, people take their own considerations as they process their daily routines of life.

Both aspects of human way of life have their own pros and cons while they interact and communicate with other people in whom other people judge such kinds of people on what kind of expectations they do from such people and they are understood and interpreted accordingly. People judge other people based on type of expectations they do have too.

Generosity in one case is value or belief or a virtue and an idea which has no home ,color, education status, sex, religion and whatever class and category which people put in their given communication and interaction. Hence, it is one principle of life which people may employ in their daily undertaking.

While people employ such principle of life I their daily routines, for instance, the point in here is that do they put classes or category of people in order to apply in their daily routines or they just apply it without making any given discrimination between people regardless o their religious beliefs, political ideology, sex, race, color, education status or whatever.

To be generous is defined and known as being kind or unattached to material possessions in which it has no any kind of adjectives which people put in its practical translations when people interact and communicate such as color, religions or whatever. As people try to apply such principle in their given daily undertaking, they should be thatched to the principle itself.

While people start to put criterions or whatever requirements, here, it needs its own consideration. In the first place, people should be generous to the needy, not to those who have. While such people are needy, whatever classification or whatever beliefs or thinking system which they belong, this  is not important since the major factor in here is that are they needy or not, whoever they are?

As they go breaking down into pieces of such given virtue to who they should be generous, which is called, hair splitting, problems comes in which generosity has no identity and it does not belong to any given group. In this give case, they are in contradiction with main tenet of its true meaning as well.

Principle oriented people become generous regardless of peoples background or whatever group in terms of religion, ethnicity, race, sex, age or whatever which they belong since they apply it to whomsoever is needy and deserve to be helped out in which they lend their helping hands not only in terms of money, but also time, knowledge, other resources which they possess.

People oriented people here focus on identity of such people since they apply such principle based up on their given requirements in which there are people who help other people since they belong to similar ethnicity, religion, sex, age, or whatever category which people belong and they do not feel responsible and accountable to those who do not share similar group.

Being needy has no color, sex, religion or whatever class or category which people belong in which people become needy since they happen to become in certain difficulties of life and they cannot achieve something or satisfy their given basic and fundamental needs of life as well.

While such given process of life as principle focused and centered people are in copious and they become greater than people oriented people, world difficult conditions and situations of life will be condensed since people learn from people; as they help and cooperate with each other, people become encouraged and motivated to live further is improved which has an impact on the quality of life that can be better introduced to numerous people.

Surprises—Good or Bad

October 11, 2018

I met someone whom one knows in past life while I was having couple of glasses of beer in a restaurant. That given person was looked surprised since that person had no clue of me having glasses of beer. And we somehow entered with conversation and that person was trying to deliver a statement inclined that I am dead. And I then started celebrating my own funeral ceremony with my own mind including with my glasses of beers. It is good to be dead.

People sometimes get nice surprises from incidents which visit their given life and by other people as well. Such surprises add some kind of flavor and color to their given life since such a thing force and make them think a little bit more different than the usual way of life as they face new and different things. In this, they understand that there are always new or different things that visit their life.

People give surprises to people in terms of their given character, thinking and actions and reactions for many different reasons and purposes and those people who receive some kind of surprises do have their own way of looking at such peoples identity since they could also be shocked or stunned too.

Hence, people have varied kinds of personality and identity on the eyes of other people in which such given personality and identity has dual features. Within such features people happen to have different types of identity as every action and reaction, which they make with other people have its own impact on their give reality. This is also one aspect of human way of life.

Such personality and identity of any given human being is come to happen in any given person’s life as everyone interact and communicate with other people, such given communication and interactions have its own way of perceptions which people derive with one another too.

First kind of personality and identity is secretive personality and identity which people have in which such given personality and identity is hidden and kept secret to the person for the sake of one’s own purpose and this is done on intentional basis and purpose.

Most people relate active personality with negative intentions or cause in which they relate to person’s hidden, but bad behaviors; there are also other people who have such behavior to different motive such as spies are good example due to the fact that they have hidden things for the sake of attaining their given mission which could also be to the positive too.

When such given secretive personality is revealed out, people get surprised since they claim that they think that they know that person, but they realize that they do not. Such given aspect is new to those persons who claim they know, but it is not new and different to the person since such given thing lived with the person and it is not even surprising to the person.

The other aspect is that there is such shift in character, behavior and thinking which people derive out of visitation of certain incidents in people lives which could result in shift of personality in terms of their personality which could result by other people in surprises as result of such give actions and reactions of life, they in here again claim that they think they know such person, but they realize that they do not and they could get surprised as well.

In this case, they might perceive any given person as cowardice since they have been interacting and communicating with an environment and conditions of life where such given character is not tested, but the moment any given incident comes to happen, that given person could be found performing an act of heroism and they might inhere be surprised since they presume that such person is lifeless and useless.

Such given surprise could come to happen as result of misunderstanding and misjudgment of that given person’s personality and they are judgmental and how they perceive that given person is wrong in which such kinds of surprises are caused by as result of misunderstanding and misinterpretation they have in their own perceptions of realities of life too.

Here, such new and different things that visit people’s lives have two varied character. Firs one and factor is due to that given person secretive personality and identity. Second one is due to other peoples misunderstanding and misjudgment of that given person too. In such case, surprises are sure to happen and they should be welcomed very nicely.

It is also quite interesting to note in here that such kinds of surprises are good cause of divorce or separation between man and woman, male and female relationships in which such people who are engaged with such kinds of human transactions do not want and like to have such surprises. In fact, any given surprise is an indicator that a person hides many other things which is not liked by those people who reside in such given realm.

In another scenario, another aspect of such surprises such people exercise to have add their given excitement and joy as they receive beautiful or elegant gifts in their wedding day, anniversaries or birthdays by their given partners in which such kinds of surprises add some kind of flavor and spices to their given fantasy and joy which they receive in such life.

Surprises have both positive and negative impacts on people lives based up on the nature and character of surprise which people receive from other people too. Whatever or whichever kinds of surprises exist, pope keep on hitting and delivering some kind of surprise to other people? Point in here is not about type of surprise which people receive from others, but ready mindset to expect any kind of surprise from others. Hence, solution in here is not to be surprised from others and by others since it is not bad to have any kind of surprises in life.

Denial is better than Steadfastness

October 9, 2018

A steadfast person in any given system and way of life is in most cases a person who prefers to trick and deceive oneself, not only once but many times in world and systems where lie, trick and deceptions are the foundation of any given system.

In any given system and way of life, young and new people to the system are deceived and tricked by elderly people in the system as they join any given way of life or system, be it religious or political, due to the fact that such people pretend and they do not tell right and truthful, hidden and behind, things about the system which they respectively belong but rather they try to show their given steadfastness as good example.

As such steadfastness is further analyzed, it has its own features in which such people could be deceived and tricked by other people before them, they are ashamed of removing themselves from such systems even if they know and find out that there is something missing and fishy things are going, they lack, courage, wisdom, detachment and integrity in their given personal life style.

The other reason is that they prefer to stick to the system since they get personal advantages and benefits which they do not want to tell and confess publicly to others and they prefer to live claiming whatever they system claims and they are such steadfast people; here, they are used by the system and they use the system itself in which tit for tat kind of relationship is going and they live rubbing shoulder of the system and the system in turns does too.

Such kinds of people who prefer to stay within any given system even if they find out the system is fake, and is making many significant wrongs from the fear of rejection in which fear is also major factor that put them to be in such state of being though they realize that they miss something—courage and detachment—they happen to become dull at any given point of their life.

These kinds of people are a kind of people who stop asking questions about life as they think that they have complete or satisfactory answers while living in incomplete and unsatisfactory world which is totally insane and stupidity. Such people live with tricked mindset without even realizing that they have been tricked for many different reasons.

What is funny and strange in here is that they trick many other innocent people with their own ignorance and fear factor instead of manifesting courage and detachment in which their given senselessness and absurdity is inherited like wealth and they pass it from one generation into another that put this world into such sheer inanity by today.

When people stop asking, they stop having life; they stop thinking, rationalizing, processing and deriving to some kind of conclusion about something in life which put their give reality and personality under question; this is quite unacceptable by being human in which it is questions and type of question people have that really matters in life.

In questions, people can know many things in life and thru type of questions people can tell what kind of personality and individuality which people possess in the process of life. Questions and magnitude of questions people have tell true personality and reality of any given person.

While people are steadfast within any given system, they have less or no question or they do not have significant questions that challenge any given system in world where weighty questions should be asked. When people are afraid to ask while claiming as they are steadfast, they live with confusion and contradiction not only with the system but also with their own reality and personality. Most people live such life in any part of the world.

Steadfastness is not sign of faith or whatever people do claim, but rather it is sign of stupidity and foolishness in systems and worlds where trick, deceptions and lies are becoming characteristics of any given system in which such claim is invalid as it aggravates silliness and imprudence within any given system which put those who come next in same vicious circle of crisis.

Steadfastness is sign of honesty and integrity when people live in truthful system and world as they become steadfast to death, this is true sign of life, something noteworthy and highly valuable quality due to the fact they have sacrificed themselves for something beyond and precious, which is indeed highly commendable and respectable virtue.

In such confused and contradictory world where truth and falsehood live in mixed way and manner, within one given home, being steadfast in such place does not mean anything and it is equal to noting since truth should be sorted out from false hood otherwise life in such world is highly confounding and frustrating as oil and water cannot live together too.

While belonging to such circles and way of life, people have plenty of questions that can destroy the fundamentals of the system itself since they are founded upon wrong grounds and base and such questions are not liked by the system and such people who ask are categorized and labeled according to the type of questions they have which endanger their given life too.

Those people who claim that they are steadfast and they think that they are wise and clever, they do not realize that they have such jumbled and thoughtless life style which should be remove from this world since it is not useful and helpful as the future is world to those inquiring and inquisitive minds and such given lifestyle will not survive and have any value too.

Future is awaiting with many puzzles and with many questions yet unanswered and people will seek answers to those questions which past and present have never answered otherwise life would be hard to continue in way as going by today and yesterday due to the fact future will not have place and time to listen and waste time for such tricks and deceptions too.

Inquisitive and inquiring minds are borne and will be borne and such minds will not easily be satisfied with those analogies and parables that favor and merits any given system, but the truth. All those analogies and parables that are manufactured for sake of political consumptions of any given system or ideology will be gone dead and will not have value though they can serve as chewing gums and they may govern people’s lives for short period as their give sweetness is over, they will survive no more.

With such theatrical drama of life is going on in world those systems and ways of life are founded upon with trick, lie and deceptions, steadfastness is tantamount to futility since it has no value and it is cheap and silly as it promotes and aggravates inanity and imprudence and it has no more purpose and it should be removed as well.

In such worlds, places and systems, denial is better and greater than steadfastness; betrayal has more and greater value than loyalty; doubt has higher and greater place and value than faith.