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January 21, 2019

Every Change that occurs in any given social dynamics has three major and fundamental stages within that given dynamics and it needs its own time and process before it is crystallized within the frame of society since it needs its own time to be internalized as it is a sensitive aspect of life due to the fact that it has its ow both negative and positive effects in the life of every society.

When any given change is well thought and truly organized, it has its own channel in which it passes in every stage and level of that given social dynamics as it is already planned and it has its own network to flow within any given society on how it should address at all level.

While any given change is spontaneous and full of emotional actions and reactions which is not well organized and thought of, its channels are established in later times, if any, as it cannot see its foreseeable future with accuracy, and such kinds of change can easily be diverted to different direction to an extent that it can be destructed and destroyed overnight as matter of fact it is made up of unprompted aspects.

These stages of any given change are thinking—which they call the mind—is reflected in the change or shift of ideology or values of life and such shift in thinking should be crystallized in behaviors, attitude and feelings—and this is also referred  by experts as institutions, which they call the heart—that people have towards life, and then this should be reflected and manifested in actions and reactions of life, and every citizen becomes part and parcel, that means that they speak same language.

The mind are master minds of that given change who are primal authors of such given human drama who are followed and crystallized by those respective institutions where that given change flows, which are mostly called as cadres, or active participants of such human dram who are allocated or assigned in those respective institutions that given change looks for, they mediate between authors and the public at large.

With such process of life, there are two kinds of change that are reflected in the life of human society in which the first one is fake ones that do not have any kind of outwardly manifested thinking, attitudes and actions and reaction which is seen working within the dynamics of any given society.

The second one is true ones that do have outwardly manifested and reflected thinking, attitude and actions and reactions, which is seen within daily routines and activities of life within that given dynamics, and such changes are the ones that should be considered as models since they are changes.

In reality what is change is an idea which should be entertained nicely since any given undertaking starts from delusion which shall be converted into clarity thru the process of time as facts and observable actions and reactions tell to the direction of any given undertaking and where they might end up as everything is on stage and any one can see it.

For example, let one take one given scenario of life as to see certain things in life, assuming that a developing nation wants to bring about fundamental change in the life of its citizens, since they are meddling between lawlessness or establishing law and order is one given case.

In such scenario of life, public transport is one good case that gives some light on how to maintain law and order or giving some kind of priority on delivering service without fully respecting rules and regulations in which this particular case is something that confuses many people.

It is stated by the rule that any given public transport vehicles, particularly taxis, should carry those number of people allowed as per the seat arrangement any bus is having; the number of populations that use such given public transport is daily increasing; offices instruct and advise employees to arrive to the office punctually; police traffics are controlling and punishing such public transport drivers since they violate rules; government is increasing number of taxis while the number and width of road is still stagnant.

In such case, when any government is looking for fundamental change with any given social dynamics and it preaches about rule of law or to respect the law, it is the greater number of population that suffers and those business that are affected by such given population size since such people arrive late in the office and they might be receiving partial amount of salary and the offices since their business is not carried out properly and nicely.

While the government is day and night talking and shouting louder in working hard and harder in establishing law and order, to respect the law, to the contrary it is suppressing many other things and aspects, if it is wiser, loosens certain things it can help facilitate such as by increasing number of population size within any given bus in way that can reduces certain risk, though it violates rules, it helps facilitate many other healthy undertakings of life.

Developed world might not have such problems as problems vary as per the context and nature of that given social dynamics, but going in way that such developed nation might not help developing nations who face such kinds of problems and challenges since problem are peculiar, peculiar solutions are required, not western made minds and solutions.

In this given case, what is true change, is it respecting the law or compromising between rules and public and business interest, that needs certain clarifications since the government is daily preaching about regulations and such regulations are not establishing order, but they facilitate chaos, both public and business are not benefiting due to such problems and challenges that needs to be reconsidered and revised.

This does not mean that let the law or rule should be broken, but let them be there in ink and paper, but there should be some sort of understanding that should be established between those who are hired to make sure that the law should be going on, but there must be some kind of compromise between the law and its working in way that society and services shall be integrated and in harmony, otherwise simple respecting the law might in case be source of confusion and frustration. This is just one simple case.

If the government is constantly propagating and preaching about change by demanding daily on respecting law, which is of course the basis of establishing order and stability, without facilitating those components such as widening roads or increasing the number of roads, same sheet will be going on and such preaching and shouting is rubbish and garbage human drama.

The point in here is that every change has its own stage and level of crystallization before it is seen out, but as more propaganda and preaching are going on without seeing observable actions and reactions, such change is a good character in novel books and nice actor in the movie.


January 19, 2019

In the world of mine, one observed, interacted and communicated with different kinds of people in which one has experienced to date and these people vary as per the kind of thinking that they deliver and these people also have both positive and negative effect in one’s undertaking since they have different kinds of perspective and principle of life.

In one’s observation, there are people who have their own purpose and meaning for life and they live a purpose oriented life; the other ones are kind of people who search in their given undertaking for some kind of purpose and meaning for life; the other ones have no purpose and they do not even spend a single time in finding some kind of meaning for life.

Hence, there are people who eat to live and as there are other people who live to eat in which these kind of people cannot have common and shared value except eating, whose purpose and end goal is totally different as the former ones have some kind of purpose in life as the later ones have meaningless and purposeless life style.

In such process of life, this is also quite interesting to note that there are people who support and are positive in one’s undertaking in which these kinds of people are supportive since they have purpose and meaning oriented life style and they understand those people who work on something due to their conviction and determination they have for life. They are indeed wonderful people.

While to the contrary, there are other people who want to destroy since such people have no purpose in life or they have egoistic life style even if they have their own purpose in life and they do not like those people who go against their thinking as matter of fact they have negative thinking and attitude towards others. These are the nasty people one face in life.

These people use every mechanism to destroy other people who have their own purpose and meaning oriented life style since they are not in line with their thinking and they develop all kinds of mechanism so as to make them busy with silly and rubbish human affairs so that they lose focus and lose direction of life. This is not possible since the motive behind such human drama is wicked.

These obsolete psycho style of destroying other people who try to find and search for meaning for life is caused as result of envy and jealousy factors on those people who think differently, who derive some kind of meaning and purpose of life by their own way and ascent of life and as result of such people given and outstanding accomplishments with what they are doing; there is no set back in this regard.

In fact, every negative energy and thinking released on those people who think differently is converted into positive and motivating energy and thinking which add some kind of vigor and flavor in their given undertaking, and such people live prospering and flourishing to an extent every negative is on their life since negative forces of such given undertaking is directly proportional to positive energy and thinking that can be added on daily basis; the more opposition they face, the better progress they manifest and reflect in their given life, not in terms of money, but in terms of thinking, strength determinations and faith which they demonstrate in their given undertaking.

One of the fake drama and  tactics and strategy which is widely used in order to stop other people to go by their own, they establish their own undertaking, is their given paternalistic attitude and thinking in which such kinds of negative people claim that what they do behind or whatever negative thinking they release on those people who think differently, they do this or that, they are doing this to help others or not to be in difficult situation of life, but in reality, the point in here is that who are they in the first place to think in such paternalistic way while those people can think of their own, as they know what is bad or not, which is quite funny.

These kinds of people derive such given thinking, such as teaching, counseling, preaching and instructing others due to the fact they have finished search and meaning of life and they have answers to the quest people have in life which is again quite funny and strange since search for meaning of life cannot be complete at any given point of life in a world where many matters and things have no answers and search for meaning and purpose in life is an integral part of the human way of life.

Questions and answers are interrelated and interconnected as every question may or may not have an answer, but every answer could lead to another further question which should be processed and investigated further since life is a process and there is no such end in the world of questions and answers since it is thinking that govern, not a thinking system, which is to mean that when questions have no particular hue same should be referred to the answers too,

What is going on in this world is questions and answers are bound by styles of life in which it is the system and way of that delivers to the answers in which questions are unlimited but answers are limited and they are bounded and governed by the system and way of life.

Answers have no boundary and limit since they are dictated and governed by the type and magnitude of questions due to the fact answers have no religious and political agenda as they are primarily derived and caused by questions. This is about governing the mysterious realities of life.

Systems and ways of life are originally established with keen interest and desire of seeking a particular answer to the quest people have developed in life, to the thirst people are naturally induced and driven and thus people have come up with different kinds of style which govern and dictate their values and principles of life.

In such process, answers are packed under certain title or name like those given commodity items and various people have come up with varied kinds of brands and they identify and call themselves as something and someone and they are arranged and shelved in any given department store and people pick them and they buy whichever things that go in conformity to their own thinking and they live consuming and making use of them. There is no wrong and bad in this; in fact it is better than having nothing.

January 14, 2019

In these worlds, there are various kinds of people who vary one from the other in terms of thinking, belief, feelings and values and there are also many kinds of undertakings which people carry out and they vary as per their given context nature, character, inclinations and goals which they set in life and, hence, people can have different kinds of compartment which they respectively belong with the likes and dislikes they do accordingly. This is matter of fastidious undertaking people make in life.

This does not mean that liking one thing does not make to have some kind of labelled and tagged identity in which such people should not be generally or totally considered and categorized under similar groups or identity since they are many other different kinds of human activities such people might not share and they cannot be one in everything.

Sharing one thing in common and non-sharing many other things cannot make such people to have similar group identity and personality as being human due to the fact there are many other things which people might not stake as they have different kinds of inclinations in many other undertakings. The point is which come first, which comes at the center and which comes at the corner and last.

For example, there is a person who likes to play and watch soccer, watch movie, songs, who is an engineer by profession, a Christian by religion, and so on. And there is also another person who likes to watch soccer, watch movie, a doctor by profession, an atheist by belief, and so on.

These people do have a personality since all these kinds of human activities are integrated and harmonized in their given life and they happen to be someone and other people know and identify by the name which they are delivered by life due to the fact that given personal identity is mix of different kinds of human activities which they integrate in life.

What is quite interesting in life is that such people are mostly seen and known by others such as the former one is Christian and the other one is an Atheist due to the fact people are in most cases shaped their given identity in terms of their given belief such as religion which plays major and central role in people way of life and their given personality.

Even if professional undertaking plays significant and major role in their given personality since it is out of their given task which they are performing at office that deliver them some kind of freedom for life as economy governs many things in this world, most people attribute their given income which they gain by their given profession is derived by some kind of belief in God and they merit and attribute their given religion.

Practically speaking, most people are part time lovers of their given religious’ system and they remember their given god on Sundays’, and in fact, they could have spent more time and energy in their given hobbies that could be better and greater than on those times, energy and resources to some kind of religious identity which they are referred.

Due to reasons that they put their given belief at the center, and all other human activities which they undertake at last and corners, even if their doings and deeds are contrary to the identity which they are given by their give belief system dictate, by virtue of thinking and believing that they have some kind of belief that help them in their give undertaking, they are something and someone than those other human activities which they perform and they spend more times and  energies in their given life.

Hence, people should be identified and known by others as per the context of their given undertakings which they perform in life such as this person is a Christian or Muslim or Jew by belief, a lawyer by profession, soccer player by hobby, and so on, not only in official business and activities but also in day to day communications and interactions which people have in café and other places though many people erase all kinds of activities which people perform, they go by their given interest to mention one such as religious people do not give enough attention to any other undertakings other people are doing as far as they have information and knowledge of what such people are doing, there is no wrong to give them value, do not exalt one aspect from the other.

Presumably, this is to indicate that most people mostly identify other people in terms of belief system which they respectively belong, but such people have many other kinds of human undertakings which people perform in life that should be referred and identified as equal to their given religious identity as matter of fact this is the day and time where things should be sorted out as per the context and specifics which people do undertake in life.

For instance, last time one met someone whom one knew in past life and we had conversation and in the middle of that given conversation, he thought that he is successful in life due to the fact that he belong to that given religious system of life; but one replied, the success that person claims is shared by many other people who do not belong to any given particular religious system and way of life; and one also further said that this person requires another aid and assistance from such way of life, as people take opium for strength and laughter, but many others do not and they do it by themselves without asking help or taking opium, out of their given choices and efforts they apply. This is quite funny and silly.

Though this is plain fact that it is simple and wild guess to tell why such people do such given case, they give more values to their given religious way of life, this does not tell the right identity and correct personality of such people since they have many other human activities which they perform, in cases bad ones that are contrary to their principles of life; but they claim the good ones which they derive by favoring and meriting their given religious faith and conviction they demonstrate in life. Why?

  • In order to magnify and exalt their given religious faith;
  • To convince other people and make them join into their given domain;
  • To check themselves that they are on the right truck or path;
  • To discredit other people who do not belong into similar domain;
  • To attack others who belong to different circle;

Whatever mechanism is employed in telling right and truthful identity and personality of people, there are basically certain and significant things that should be figured out, in which any given excellence or good things which people derive in life, whatever matter or aspect is referred, that given refereed aspect truly and genuinely play major role in the good or does it have a lion share in its contribution to whatever kind of achievement and accomplishment which they make in life, if it is so, to refer it is most welcomed, but not, this is just simply tricking, deceiving and lying oneself and other people too.

And there is nothing good that can be gained with mingling and joining such kind of tricky people who try to merit their given system of life for fake and fictions things since they live and tricking a deceiving themselves and others for nothing and they are good for nothing too.


January 12, 2019

Leaders are always controversial figures in the history of human kind and within any give social dynamics since they take unusual steps in the making up of society which put contentious issues within the minds of the public due to the fact that they pretend and assume that what they do is for the sake of the mass and betterment of the future of society at large.

Leadership is indeed sacred duty and responsibility only few people are chosen to carry out in managing and administering the fairs of the public so as to create better future using past and present as means of bridge that connects the mass to its right and appropriate future destiny.

Accordingly, there are different kinds of possible leaders who work for the betterment of society and future destiny in which the first ones are those who work to the betterment of society to the right destiny and second ones are those kinds of leaders who work to the contrary, not intentionally, but out of their given failures and mistakes they commit in their given leadership style and function.

What could be annoying and disturbing would be, if there are leaders who deliberately work for the destruction of society in stratagem way in which such kinds of leaders are planting the seeds of poisons amongst the public at large since they have power and authority, and they use every means and strategy in order to ruin the right and proper future destiny of any given society.

Hence, they are basically, leaders of the mass and leaders over the mass in which the first ones are those kind of leaders who try to follow and go by the interest and psycho make of the mass whereas the later ones are those kind of leaders who work for the betterment of the mass without playing psycho make up of the mass.

Beyond these kinds of leaders, there are other type of leaders who do not have regard for the mass, as they do not put agenda of the public on table and as priority since they focus on their own kingship and leadership and they do whatever actions since their primal and main agenda is on maintaining power and authority.

In such drama of leadership, those leaders who try to play psycho make of the public, without doing the right thing to the public since they lack proper leadership skill and power due to the fact they cannot have power and authority as the public goes wrong which could ruin their give leadership, power and authority as they cannot say no to the public while the go the wrong direction at some given point.

In this case, such kind of leadership become slaves and followers of the melody and noise of the public, instead of leading and controlling power, it delivers its power and authority to the public whose danger arise as the public goes wrong in which such leadership shall perish since it cannot protect and preserve the right and freedoms of the truth and justice.

Even if leaders should protect and preserve right and freedoms of the mass, which requires right mindset, such protections should not be on stage when the public goes wrong since there are times and cases where the public could go wrong due its immaturity and lack of appropriate understanding of few given aspects of life and it can be manipulated and tricked by few people too. This is just an assumption and in case such kinds of situations could arise.

Leadership should not be gambling with affairs of the public, but it is about having right mindset of maintaining and installing the right system of truth and justice within any given social dynamics and no experience of leadership is better and worthier than 100 years of experiences of leadership that establishes wrong, unjust and disloyal leadership and governing system.

They say, non informed individual and society is better than misinformed individual and society which is to mean that it is better to have no system of leadership than a system of leadership that governs with bad, wrong and inappropriate methods and mechanisms since such kinds of leadership system is good for nothing and its nonexistence is better than its existence.

A tricky and manipulating system of leadership is like cloud on the sky, it is seen for some time until the brighter and stronger sun is out and then as the clear blue sky is on, life becomes brighter and nicer, in fact, it becomes exciting and enjoyable since people start enjoying with natural and correct light that can remove darkness and foggy things which veil many people’s eye to see the right color and beauty and astonishing aspect of life.


January 10, 2019

They say, knowledge is a single point, but the ignorant and the foolish have multiplied it, which is an indicating factor to tell that everything in this world is interconnected and interrelated, both directly and indirectly due to the fact that none can live in isolation as people or things, in one way or other way, can be integrated.

Though it is very hard to relate the above mentioned saying with existing many branches of knowledge, this may be related to one given aspect, which is method of acquiring learning and knowledge such as science that is subdivided into two broad categories such as life science which is connected to biology, medicine, genetic engineering; and physical science which is connected to physics, chemistry, astronomy and so on.

All these branches of learnings originate from one single point which is science, and within science, many other divisions and sub-classifications exits which help people to learn and acquire mysteries of life and nature in detail, in coherent and organized manner, which is indeed useful and helpful too.

In such interrelation and interconnection realm, there is an underlined assumption that goes like the whole world is just like a dot and everything acts and reacts, moves within that given dot, and there is none can be found outside that given melting point since the dot is single one which contains the whole.

The greatness or silliness which people enjoy and entertain still exist in that given melting point, and there is no such defined territory people can claim in terms of unseen realities of life since they are imaginary as the whole becomes dot and the dot governs the whole.

This world is mystery and such mystery is not much governed and people always walk and live in the valley of searching since there is no many things discovered, except few given ones, and searching for the mystery of life cannot have an end and mystery always lives in the realm of the unknown and the undiscovered.

While such theater of mysteries of life is going on, is it possible to say that one given subject or scope should be disintegrated from the other, one field of study can be separated from the other, or they have something that relates them and they can be connected, related and integrated? What is wrong in integrating and relating those scopes that can be related, without marginalizing or delivering some kind of boundary?

For instance, letters are rudimentary stages of words since words are formed and established with proper and correct combinations of letters even if such combination could also be questioned as words can be created by different rules and regulations which exist as of today, but they somehow formulate words, phrases, statements and so on which help in persons’ day to day actions and reactions, interactions and communications of life.

Numbers are mathematical object that are used to count, measure and label things and people also interact and communicate in their give daily operations of life in schools, market places and many other places where such figures or images are required and they function accordingly.

Both have different natures and characters in the human way of life since their nature is different. However, as people try to relate and connect these two different characters of life, few people can come up with better ideas, taste and flavor of life which deliver different kinds of perspective and understanding that can be useful and helpful.

In this case, integrating and relating such given matters make people and life beneficiary than lose anything since it is worth using them than denying or ignoring or undermining their given importance as far as there is productive aspect they deliver, but, the point become risky as such given aspect deliver some kind of meaning that could destroy other people, in this case, is it the truth or personality of people that matters is left to the world at large? This is how those people who perceive such matters are checked and tested out.

Likewise, in world where different kinds of scopes and functions are going on, what is point if dichotomizing things—in way that one may live totally apart and isolated from the other, which could even reduce the magnitude and potency it could deliver if it could have been integrated with the other— in world interconnections and interrelations could give better fruit, meaning and understanding and it gives better beauty, perspective and value.

Integration and interconnection shall be better and great than dichotomy in many aspects since it reduces time, energy and resources in those cases and arenas where such given combinations do deliver better taste and meaning and their given interrelation is highly required, but this does not mean that those matters and aspects that cannot be connected with ease and simple ways should be integrated since it is not realistic.

This world sounds that it is going in way that when few ideas have almost similarities in many aspects, but they might differ in the place where commas and semicolons are used, they open one given subject or field of study and generations are lost in the middle of nowhere if they could be integrated with other close subjects of fields of study, people can gain and come up with better, wider and greater level and expertise of understanding the subject matter and everyone shall be beneficiary of such given work.

This is not the time to build great and big walls, but it is time to open up, build different kinds of bridges not only in terms of nations and peoples relationships, but also integrating and relating close subject matters and field of studies in to one single point so that better and great learning and knowledge can be gained and society can make use of those generations—who are well equipped with such profound expertise—that shall come up—who can fix and resolve its ongoing difficulties and problems in expedient manner.

January 9, 2019

Why do certain things that are contrary to peoples wishes and plan do happen in peoples’ life? Is it by coincidence or some kind of plan in which the person might not be aware? Are they originally intended by life or nature or they just happen since they should just happen? Do they have any other lesson they deliver behind their given happening?

In such process of finding mysteries and connection of happenings of life, this is also marveling to dwell on such studying and investigating of mysteries of life, as to why do such few things happen in life; and people learn from people, from books and readings, movies and theaters and other artistic works since such given works of other people are useful and necessary as they are one profound source of acquiring learning, knowledge and information.

Instead of fighting back such occurrences, the wise make a pause and mute everything—both melodies and noises of life—that surrounds them, and they give more time in sorting out things and they come to right and useful point in which if there are things which they should correct, they do it accordingly and then life continues since as they say, tomorrow is another new day.

While such process of life is going on, there are basically different kinds of happenings that visit people’s lives and they could determine fates or destinies of people since most people are dictated or governed by such happenings as they could basically shift what is going right to the left, what is going to the left, but, to the right, due to their given natural characteristics of such given occurrences which people should figure it out to their own, and by their own too.

Accordingly, there are three kinds of incidents that visit people’s lives in their given daily undertakings in which the first ones are those happenings which happen as planned and they like them to happen in their lives. These are what most people like them to happen in their given life.

Second ones are those happenings which occur in peoples live as planned, but they do not like them to happen, due to the nature and characteristics of the subject and object matter which they plan, things might not go in way they plan and they have fore knowledge of the matter.

Third ones are those occurrences which visit people’s lives without their given plan and expectations, they just happen in mysterious ways such as miracles or whatever designations which people deliver, and these happenings do have both features which is to mean that they could deliver joy or sadness which vary as per the character of the happening itself.

This is also one of interesting scenario of life in which people are visited by different kinds of circumstances and happening, they shape their given reality by such happenings as matter of fact such given happenings are by far better and greater than being dull and idle since people should act and react, apply and reply, as they also should do something than nothing in life.

It is also quite noteworthy to make a note in here that when certain things happen to come in people’s daily routines, even if people hate or fear them to occur in their course of life, they just happen without their give volition due to the fact that there are certain things that are treated as a kind of law, even if they do not have articles and codes, their given repetitive occurrence and frequent happenings in many peoples’ lives, most people consider them as laws that govern human life.

For example, last time I had dream which looked like some kind of nightmare since that given dream is something that cannot or should not happen in one’s life due to the fact one had already made a decision not to involve in that given thing which one had dreamt, and it looked like that one has lost one’s mind due to the fact that given dream seemed nonsense.

While one was wondering on what that given dream should deliver, and it just happened after few days as it is though there could be few deviations from it but it just actually happened. One was marveling on the connection between such mysterious reality of life with actual aspect, it seems to oneself that there are certain things that should happen whether people agree or not, like it or not.

This is also to mean that those things people might fear them not to happen, even if one had a dream and one had rejected that given dream of its given real working and happen, but it did just happen; or though one does not like them to come again, they just come to our lives; even if one had already made some kind of decision in one’s life, there are certain things that might visit peoples’ lives; even if those things could have choices not to make any given kind of offer or agreement, few things do just happen and they are beyond something and anything. WHY?

Dream is fascinating and mysterious realities of human way of life in which there are quite few dreams which are beyond dreams, since they do happen for great purpose and cause as they are actual and they just happen twice, one in the mind of the author and, second, they occur as actual realities on this objective world of existence, which makes them something beyond even mystery.

There is a proverb which is widely known by local people in here which goes like, those who inherit will be the one who is hated, and those things which people are afraid to happen will occur, which is indeed an aspect of life which people should accept certain incidents of life that visit their given even if they like it or not.

In such connection of dream and certain things in life, few dreams do come to happen since they have some kind of reason in which they deliver something, they are signals and warnings and people should do something before they do make or let them happen as they are sent for protection purpose; but there are also other dreams which do actually happen even if people take whatever kinds of precautions and, in such case, it is better to enjoy such given gifts of nature since nothing can be done in this regard.

January 6, 2019

This world is colored with optimistic and pessimistic people and thinking, events and happenings, in which people are shaped by both positive and negative occurrences and perceptions of life as both given features are inescapable aspect and realities of life, but what matters on how people think and believe, no matter stony and hard to achieve, people should keep going on doing and thinking whatever aspects of life which they think and feel correct.

This becomes formidable task especially to those people who reside in poor nations since the darkness that surrounds everyone seems stagnant and nothing can be changed and developed due to the fact that people live with it for ages and centuries which make them think that nothing can be changed.

In such human drama, doors can only be opened to quite few people who think far beyond the ordinary way, and they are practically observed changing their given poor condition and way of life into something better and greater even if the method they employ could be questionable, but they have practically demonstrated something better and greater is achievable and possible.

Here, individuals egoistic thinking and feeling tries to override any given social dynamics undertaking, as individuals try to portray bigger image of their own thinking and perception than the common good, which puts stresses and anxieties on the thinking machinery of the mass, that given social dynamics is under big jeopardy and it needs to reconsider and rethink on those significant aspects of its own undertaking.

In such egoist and ambitious world, poor nations suffer since ego and ambition speaks louder than common good and great future in which such personalized thinking are shouting louder in every angle of such given social dynamics, energy is fragmented and people are wasting their resources and time for noting since they try to live in way of hairsplitting on what somebody talks and thinks; and common good and greater future is lost and buried which makes them think that change is chimera and it is reality that exists in the dreams of few peoples mindset.

In reality and dream, things can change and can be changed since it is true and real, not only in proverbs and great peoples thinking but in practical scenario of life as those developed nations have realistically and practically demonstrated in their given realities of life, which is not even fictitious story.

Every challenge and problem any given society face is key that unlocks mystery of solution, from such given solutions, another problems are borne, and people develop and resolve such challenges and they become confident that as problem and challenges get deeper, their resolving capacity also increases and they reach to state of being that every problem has its own respective solution accordingly.

In such arena of life, there are basically three kinds of people in terms of thinking that do affect such given social dynamics in which their given respective thinking and attitudes towards the problems which they face determine to who they are and it is also contributing factor for the solutions both positively and negatively.

The first ones are those people who see that given darkness which surround them as something beyond light and they see the light even if they are surrounded by darkness in which such people are known as revolutionary people and they have revolutionary mindset since they believe and think in change and everything can be changed. These are quite few people in any given social dynamics.

The second ones are those kinds of people who are hesitant, even if they think that everything can be changed as they see from other countries practical experience, everything will not be changed, but few things could be possible since they claim and think that they know their given social settings and such give social settings is not ready for any kind of significant change to happen. They live in midway and confused state of being and mindset.

The third ones are those people who think nothing can be change and they see the darkness which surrounds them as dark and nothing bright can come and they cannot see even the light that can come in the future since they have already concluded and decided iced that nothing can b changed. This is vast majority.

Change can come in two ways. First one is voluntary in which people make or apply efforts to change things and as result of such given volitions, they can come about any given change which they are looking for, but people somehow should make a choice to make any given change to visit thier given life.

The other one is involuntarily one in which people are forced to contribute for some kind of change in which as they are obliged to do it in their given life or the surrounding environment and as the taste the fruits of such given change, especially in positive aspect, then people become active actors and participants of such given change and things and people change since it is inevitable aspect of human way of life.

While such give sect of change is going on, those revolutionary mindset play significant role in the type and magnitude of change they should come about since they are authors and originators of any given change to come within any given social dynamics as they keep the momentum, that given inertia will have electrifying effects on the lives and thinking of others which can turn those passive mass into active and energetic mass.

In such human drama of change, the most important thing is on the strategy and mechanism that given desired change can be addressed in the lives and workings of that given social dynamics since the method should be compatible with how society think and behave, things can be simpler but, as mechanism becomes difficult to understand or perceived by the mass, things will be complicated and they do divert the direction of the winds of change to happen so that destruction will be the final fate of that given society.

Who diver the direction of the winds of any given change is the most significant undertaking of top priority that should be carried out since in any given change there are active participants of such human drama, there are also such kinds of people who look alike like those weeds of any given plantation, they could look like as good plants, but in reality, they are not, people who have different intent and motive, which could not go beyond satisfying their given selfish and personal interest and they can consume the good plants and they should be removed first before they kill or destroy the good ones.

While removing such given weeds, it needs tact, wisdom and skill of the farmer since good plants can also be victim of such removal drama in which such given skilled farmer should wisely point out and remove them from such plantation so that the desired fruit and result can be obtained as once this is done, the road will not be that stony since if they can appear on the next stage of plantation, enough skill is derived and they will not be a problem.